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    Hey, sure!
    I did what i had done for my first sway back in 2018, same, what Atomic had recommended at the time - I ordered a bottle of Robitussin (it was a bit different from the one I had had in 2018), checked the maximum dosage on the bottle (they include a sort of miniature measuring cup sippy thingy) and took it for about a week around O-day, maybe starting three or four days before O-day was expected and then O-day and two or three days after. Just one time a day, in the morning as I didn't like it much and wanted it over with, the maximum dosage.
    Best of luck for your swaying, I will follow your sway
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    bundle expected April 2019! Confirmed Boy !!! Thank you Atomic and Gender Dreaming, thank you!!
    Here's to our happy bunch !!!
    again for May 2021 following another blue sway. Confirmed Boy! Thank you for another succesful sway GD!!

    To those who have everything, more will be given.

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    Thank you I will try it this month
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