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    Cramping on Left Side

    I just received my BFP. I have had terrible cramping on my left side. Ovulation/Implantation... I donít know. I currently have a boy and a girl. Boy ovulated from right side , girl ovulated from left side - both confirmed by US.

    Do any other ladies recall cramping/ovulation side and what gender you had? Thank you!

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    I had bad pain on my left side with DS3 but the ultrasound showed I ovulated from the right. With my other two boys, I think the pain was on the right but I have no idea what side I ovulated from. What side the pain is on or what ovary released an egg has no correlation to gender.
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    Huge congrats!

    Because both ovaries develop eggs every month, you can experience pain on either side (or both) regardless of where you ovulated from. People assume that O Pain comes from the egg being released, but in many cases the side that ovulates has no pain and the soreness comes from the other ovary as the eggs are reabsorbed (imagine a big zit that just refuses to pop no matter what, LOL) I have heard from TONS of people who would swear again and again they knew what side the egg had released from only to have an ultrasound and find it was really the opposite.

    Now, as for ovulation, again, you can't tell the side of implantation based on pain and cramping. If the uterus was sensitive enough to feel a tiny ball of cells implanting in the lining, pregnancy would be too painful to stand. What happens is that at ovulation, your body releases a cascade of hormones, one of which is called relaxin, that make your tissues swell, become engorged with blood, and in the case of relaxin, can make your ligaments and other sensitive tissues begin to stretch (and this can happen even before you get your BFP, which is why many women with varicose veins report sudden pain in their legs prior to BFP - it's the relaxin affecting the veins and making them even more varicose-y if that makes sense.

    In my pregnancies I had periods of time where I felt pain on one side, then it switched to the other, then to some other spot as the various tissues swelled and stretched.

    Good luck!! And congrats!
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