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    Lilmb2019 TTC a BOY Sway Attempt

    TTC a BOY Sway Attempt
    Gender Result:
    DW Age:
    DH Age:
    Current Children's Gender(s)
    2 Girls
    Number of Months TTC
    Did you purchase and follow a GD Personalized Plan?
    Calcium Intake(Please describe)
    I cut back on calcium sources from dairy a lot compared to how much I ate when I was conceiving my daughters.
    Magnesium Intake(Please describe)
    Potassium Intake(Please describe)
    Ate a 1/2 or full banana and yellow fleshed potatoes everyday. Watched portion sizes and tried not to over do it.
    Sodium Intake(Please describe)
    Used iodized salt on everything, again just sprinkled a bit on everything I ate, did not over do it.
    DW Supplements
    • Fish OilWomen's One a Day
    • Folic Acid

    DH Supplements
    • Multi-vitamin

    Any additional supplement info?
    I took my fish oils every other day (Nutri Sea), took a probiotic daily and Women's One a Day.
    Did you follow a diet plan?
    If yes to diet, which one did you most follow?
    • HE(High Everything)
    • IG

    Comments regarding DW's diet changes-
    This was our second attempt and second plan.

    This time around, I ate fattier cuts of red meat and cooked much more, instead of eating fast food. A major staple of my diet was prime rib, roast beef, whole chicken (wasn't afraid to eat dark meat).

    I also cut back on coffee and stuck to black tea with whole milk and a bit of honey.

    I also incorporated breakfast cereal -- which I don't enjoy and haven't had in years but read so much research about breakfast cereal and having boys.
    I had this with some whole milk and half a banana with some walnuts.

    I also ate steel cut oats with whole milk and walnuts. Usually I ate instant oats with chia seeds and hemp seeds (hubby and I cut this out and replaced with the steel cut oats).

    Also ate more tomatoes/tomato based items (rice pasta with ground beef meat balls) -- which I did not have much of before (during the conception of my daughters).

    I drank ZERO alcohol, a massive difference from when I was conceiving my girls.

    I stayed away from yogurt/kefir (ate tons of this while conceiving my girls. I had a bit of whole milk in my tea and had cheese as treat.

    I cut back on spinach and kale and replaced that with romaine or iceburg lettuce for my salads (a big change from when conceiving my daughters).

    I had a V8 with 2 tbsp of nutritional yeast flakes everyday.
    If diet was used, length of time before attempt?
    About 5 months.
    Did you skip breakfast regularly?
    Did DH change his diet with you?
    Comments regarding DH's diet-
    Hubby also incorporated a bit more red meat, potatoes and drastically cut back on drinking alcohol.
    DId you consume alcohol?
    • No

    DId you try to limit caffeine?
    Yes, I cutback
    Any Diet Details?
    Typical Meal Plan:

    - 1/4-1/2 cup steel cut oats with banana or
    - 1/4-1/2 cup of Heritage Flakes cereal or
    - topped with banana and walnuts or
    - whole grain toast with 2 eggs or nut butter

    - 1-2 whole eggs
    - fruit with nuts (usually walnuts) (also had tons of cantaloupe!)

    - 3-4 oz prime sliced prime rib, roast beef or dark meat chicken

    Salad made of:
    - lettuce
    - cucumber
    - tomatoe
    - red onions
    - sometimes olives
    - topped with some olive oil and apple cider vinegar

    PM Snack
    - hummus and veggies
    - cheese and veggies
    - V8 with NYF

    - prime rib/roast beef/roast chicken
    - potatoes
    - veggies (salad w/lettuce base, asparagus)

    Bedtime snack:
    - closer to attempt, I tried to have a small bowl of cereal
    Any Diet Comments/Additional Info?
    What did you weigh/BMI do leading up to O?
    About 127lbs.
    Any Weight/Exercise related additional info/comments?
    I lifted weights or did HIIT types workouts from youtube 2-3 times a week for 30-40 minutes.
    pH Before Starting a Sway Program, if known
    Any VG potions used?
    • Preseed

    CM pH at attempt
    DH pH
    How many BD attempts did you make for the BFP cycle?
    BD Pattern
    • DTD through Ovulation
    • BD every few days

    BD Dates according to Ovulation
    • 3 Days Before O
    • 1 Day Before O
    • O Day
    • After O

    BD Position
    Any additional comments?
    Like many of us on here, the BD pattern made me anxious. I focused on relaxing. Hubby was not able to complete some pratice runs.

    During the attempt we could hit Atomic's recommended pattern: Day before O, O day (morning and night), day after O
    Any relevant attempt details?
    Tried very hard to relax and let go this time. I felt less obsessed and less controlled this time, which I feel helped.

    ** When I conceived my daughters, it was in the afternoon. For example, DD2 was conceived at 2pm right after OPK and then we did it later that evening and the day after.

    This time, we conceived at night, did not have any afternoon attempts.

    We also had tons of unprotected sex which we never did with the girls.
    Did you do anything with Ions?
    Moon Phase during conception?
    New Moon
    Did you use any Old Wives Tales?
    Through all this out the window this time. I let hubby lead. We ended up in missionary facing south -- whatever HE was comforatble with.
    Things that make me feel great about my sway:
    Relaxed and had an attitude whatever will be will be.
    Things that make me nervous about my sway:
    I wasn't nervous about the sway.
    Things worth mentioning:
    DD1 was straight up Shettles sway

    - when I conceived DD2, I was so obsessed with getting pregnant and having a boy
    - I was putting a lot of pressure on hubby and getting upset with him
    - the weekend we conceived DD2, hubby was drinking a lot
    - we conceived her in June on a VERY hot weekend
    - was eating fast food red meat
    - used almost all the supplements listed in Atomics plan and I think I used too many

    DS (feels unreal typing DS)
    - was conceived during the pandemic
    - my father had passed away from COVID 19 early in the year and it was devestating -- still is --
    - this experience totally change me and I reflected a lot on the things I do have in life
    - hubby really wanted to try for a third (he never grew up with a father and is an only child)
    - we aimed to cocneived in Oct.
    - began diet loosely in Aug.
    - went all in Sept.
    - nothing happend in Oct. or Nov. and got super down about this and decided it was not going to happen
    - started to re-focus and relax and got pregnant in Dec. around Christmas
    - used very little preseed
    - had so much natural EWCM - assumingdue to diet and this was almost nil during DD1 and DD2

    Biggest things that I feel impacted my sway:
    - home cooked meals
    - lots of animal fat from red meat sources (I ate clean with my girls but very low fat, no dairy, lots of plant based milks)
    - V8 with NYF
    - reduced cardio and increase on weights (I was very thin when and working out hard but lots of cardio along with weights)
    - having regular unprotected sex about 2-3 times a week
    - having attempts at night
    - hitting the day before O, O day (morning and night) and day after O attempts
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    WONDERFUL news!!! I am so thrilled for you!
    !!! Questions?? Check out the NEW and improved Complete Index !!!

    If you appreciate my help with your sway plan, please consider a donation:

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