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    Luck TTC a BOY Sway Attempt - Baby #2 - due March 2022 :)

    TTC a BOY Sway Attempt - Baby #2

    Gender Result:
    Team Green, again, so we'll find out in March 2022!

    DW Age:

    DH Age:

    Current Children's Gender(s)
    We have 1 girl who's 19 months

    Number of Months TTC
    This is our 8th cycle; first medicated IUI cycle

    Did you purchase and follow a GD Personalized Plan?

    Calcium Intake (Please describe)
    Whole milk or whatever is in diet

    Magnesium Intake (Please describe)
    Just whatever magnesium is in my diet - avocados and nuts.

    Potassium Intake (Please describe)
    Through diet - bananas, organic orange juice, roasted potatoes, cod.

    Sodium Intake (Please describe)
    Just through diet, nothing extreme.

    DW Supplements
    Prenatals - Theralogix Core prenatal
    DHA - 1,200mg fish oil; taken every other day
    Coq10 - 200mg daily for increasing egg quality
    Vitamin D - 5000-10,000 IUs daily; I don’t absorb it well based on labs
    Zinc - 50mg daily; my Copper was high, so I was told to supplement
    Vitamin C - 50mg daily
    NAC - 200mg daily - recommended for inflammation post Covid
    Curcumin - recommended for inflammation post Covid

    DH Supplements
    Men's male fertility multivitamin - Best Nest Wellness “Ready Set Go”
    Coq10 - though he ran out of it this cycle

    Any additional supplement info?
    I used a progesterone oil (Proov Balancing oil) after some PdG test strips showed “borderline” progesterone levels. I believe this helped bc I did not spot before my period the cycle I started using it.
    I also tried seed cycling the cycle before this BFP cycle to balance my hormones. On April 26, my estradiol came back high (88) on CD3. Doctor wasn’t concerned but I was - ‘cause I’m crazy like that - so I made it my goal to lower it. Seed cycling was one part of my process (kale, sweating, mindfulness were some others). On June 17, my estradiol on CD3 was 48, and after taking Letrozole it was 313 about 2 days before IUI.

    Did you follow a diet plan?
    Not necessarily a boy sway plan but a Fertility Diet which kinda is a boy sway.

    If yes to diet, which one did you most follow?
    Semi-HE (High Everything)

    Comments regarding DW's diet changes-
    Snacks: mixed nuts, banana, superfood smoothies (berries, Amazing Grass supplement, flaxseed, Pomegranate juice).
    Lunch: tried to keep it to whole grains + protein + avocado. Lots of “bowls” with brown rice, chicken, avocado and veggies or beans. I also make a caprese salad with arugula, avocado and prosciutto 1 day a week for my husband and I.
    Dinners: 4 days a week we cook at home: grassfed beef or organic chicken + organic veggie (asparagus, kale salad, arugula) + healthy carb (roasted potatoes, whole grain pasta, corn tortillas). Take out on weekends - pizza on Fridays is my weakness
    Drinks: Alkaline and filtered water. Organic orange juice. Organic coconut water. Iced organic Green tea leading up to Ovulation. And my daily latte

    If diet was used, length of time before attempt?
    My normal eating habits tend to be HE/boy friendly.

    Did you skip breakfast regularly?
    I drink a latte w 8oz organic whole milk and collagen peptides - 9g of protein. I consider that breakfast, even though it’s not a bowl of cereal or eggs?
    I tried to eat oatmeal w almond butter but it’s not my thing, only ate a few spoonfuls a few days a week.

    Did DH change his diet with you?
    I definitely put the pressure on that we needed to knock off the fast food so H just ate what I made. He has a sweet tooth tho.

    Comments regarding DH's diet-
    H’s diet is normally kind of boy friendly: high calorie, lots of meat & carbs, not much caffeine or alcohol. But he doesn’t eat breakfast at all.

    Did you consume alcohol?
    Yes but I cut back significantly - just red wine during my period.

    Did you try to limit caffeine?
    1 Latte per day. It’s what I look forward to. 2 nespresso pods (150mg caffeine) and 8 oz whole milk and collagen peptides.

    Any Diet Details?
    In an attempt to do a “boy blitz”, I drank coconut water and wheatgrass shots before Ovulation.

    Any Diet Comments/Additional Info?
    I was eating like 3-5 avocados a week, grass fed red meat 1-2x per week, organic chicken, wild caught fish, grass fed butter, olive oil, mixed nuts.

    What did you weigh/BMI do leading up to O?
    I was probably around 155.

    Any Weight/Exercise related additional info/comments?
    I’d started back on my spin bike about 5-6 weeks before conception. So 3-4x a week I did a short Peloton rides, about 20-30 mins. We do family walks daily w our dog. It didn’t really affect my weight that much.

    pH Before Starting a Sway Program, if known
    No idea
    Any VG potions used?
    CM pH at attempt
    No idea
    DH pH
    No idea

    How many BD attempts did you make for the BFP cycle?
    3 attempts, my husband also “released” on CD3 and CD6 to help motility.

    BD Pattern
    Every other day. CD8, CD10, with our IUI on CD12.

    BD Dates according to Ovulation
    O day, O-36 hours, O-4 days

    BD Position
    Me on top for “our” attempts. Not sure what position IUI is considered

    Any additional comments?
    We spent 10 mins post IUI visualizing conception and a healthy pregnancy and bringing home a boy. Per our nurse’s suggestion.

    Any relevant attempt details?
    Not really.

    Did you do anything with Ions?
    Not intentionally, no.

    Moon Phase during conception?
    Waning Gibbous

    Did you use any Old Wives Tales?
    I Have something blue under my mattress, lol.

    Things that make me feel great about my sway:
    I feel like I intentionally eat a lot more protein this time around.
    I’m not doing long 45 minute cardio sessions like I did in 2019.
    I’m not taking a magnesium/calcium supplement this time.
    Not taking any Chinese herbs this time around.
    My diagnostics look good, seems I’m very “fertile” for my ripe old age of 38.

    Things that make me nervous about my sway:
    IUI meds may sway girl? (Letrozole and Ovidrel trigger)
    I didn’t lift weights, just quick Peloton rides.
    My Age.
    DH has low T and his sperm analysis was not great, pretty borderline.
    I was kinda stressed due to infertility treatments.
    Didn’t skip caffeine… I just… couldn’t. My latte brings me so much joy.
    My HcG levels came back sky high at 2,908 at 4w,1d.

    Things worth mentioning:
    MEDS: I take thyroid meds (90mg of Armour Thyroid) daily.
    TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE: Fertility acupuncture weekly.
    MIND: Created a 2021 Vision board with photos of baby boy & pregnancy photos.
    Also did Mindfulness meditations most nights to de-stress before bed.

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    Getting close now!!! Good luck and blue dust headed your way!
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    I am still stalking this thread LOL!!!!
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