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    New to pink sway!! Advice please :)

    So I have 1 girl and 3 boys we want to try for 1 last girl to give my daughter a sister, this will be our very last chance! After research I had a very boy diet with my boys (breakfast, tons of protein, strength training, healthy organic food) with my girl I realized we were broke and newlywed so I ate very unhealthy, and very little. And couldnt afford meat really. (Ramen, or oatmeal for lunch, a small dinner) I ate more refined carbs back then and sugar. With my girl I drank ocassionally (4 times a yr) and drank coffee every morning. With my boys I did not. So I'm hopeful I can kind of recreate that girly environment! Any advice? Tips? I'm starting to drink coffee slowly.. still nursing my DS very little (14 months) skipping breakfast again. Also I cut out my prenatals, added calcium citrate, magnesium, folic acid and fiber. Is huge question! I am starting a probiotic for a possible yeast infection. My pH has been around 3.8-4.5 consistent for 1 month.

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    So my question is, are you much older now than when you got your DD?? Do you have more than 30 lbs to spare and/or any signs of PCOS or insulin resistance?

    We have two different types of diets and while the high carb, low nutrient "Crash and Burn" type of LE Diet like you were eating when you got your girl can work, if you have any type of insulin resistance that may end up backfiring the second time through and we might be better off modifying that in a way that is more forgiving to blood sugar.

    Definitely have coffee, that has swayed pink for us.

    I personally got boys with cal-mag but it's up to you if you want to include it. Be sure you are using just cal-mag without Vitamin D added as Vit. D has been quite blue friendly.

    Please no probiotics, they are not good ways to fix yeast infections at all and may sway blue. While probiotics can over time help to prevent YI they will not cure them and you should treat them with something that works if you're suffering.
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