I had a recent 4D scan @ 27 weeks, tho i didnt plan to find out gender we did and its a GIRL! so chuffed

I honestly dont feel we did much in terms of Swaying but I will try and do best I can to say what generally was going on at the time..

*Awful tbh, i had just lost a baby thru miscarriage at 7 weeks, 6 days. I ate heavy for 1 week or so after, I then got my butt in gear and tried to lose some weight, overal I would say at best my weight was just maintained.
*Generally i am, and always have been, a heavy sugar eater very little fruit/veg (i knooow really unhealthy) thinking about the fasting aspect i would naturally eat 4pm latest and then 8am next morning.

*We were TTC for 20 months so a long time, in process of fertility investigations and about to start IVF. Hubby had low sperm count - he went on supplements straight away as it was extremely low 10m after 4 days abstidance. 3 months later this uppe'd to 40m for 4 days abstidance.
*I had just sadly suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks, 6 days. I conceived this baby straight away (miscarried 10th august, ovulated 1st september)

*None, plain & simple there - never actively worked out at all

* -2 + O day tries with 4 days abstidance before the -2 try

Im really sorry i cant add more. If you have any Qu's please feel free to ask