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    Charlottex3 TTC a GIRL Sway Attempt

    TTC a Girl Sway Attempt
    Gender Result:
    DW Age:
    DH Age:
    Current Children's Gender(s)
    Boy, Girl, Boy
    Number of Months TTC
    Did you purchase and follow a GD Personalized Plan?
    Did you follow a diet plan?
    If yes to diet, which one did you most follow?
    • LE(Low Everything)

    Comments regarding DW's diet changes-
    I followed the PCOS diet due to being very overweight (bmi 30) and struggling to lose any weight consuming white carbs.
    With my boys I never ate breakfast, however I was easily consuming over 3000 calories a day eating lots of bread, pasta, pizza, loads of meat, cheese and huge amounts of sugar/chocolate.
    On the PCOS style diet I reduced calories to 1200, ate only around 1pm and 6pm (no snaking). 50g protein daily, 40-60g fat and low carb. Most my carbs came from veg however 2 or 3 times a week I would eat wholemeal bread/pasta.
    If diet was used, length of time before attempt?
    14 weeks
    Did you skip breakfast regularly?
    Did DH change his diet with you?
    Comments regarding DH's diet-
    DH didn't really change his diet although he did start drinking alcohol 3-4 times a week.
    DId you consume alcohol?
    • A couple of drinks per week

    DId you try to limit caffeine?
    No, I drink caffeine regularly
    Any Diet Details?
    I drank 4-5 cups of coffee a day with cinnamon, sweetener and almond milk (before the diet I had my coffee with sugar and skim milk)
    I replaced olive oil for vegetable oil and cut out sugar from my diet.
    I continued eating meat, fish, garlic and onions occasionally within limits. I tried to eat vegetarian 3-4 times a week.
    My meals were stuffed peppers/zucchini, wholemeal sandwiches with cheese and tomato, cheese omelettes, chicken/fish with steamed veg, chicken/prawn salads with ranch dressing, zucchini noodles with cream or tomato sauce, hummus with veg sticks. Drinks were coffee or coke zero. I was drinking alcohol daily however reduced to 3 times a week when my weight loss started to stall.
    Any Diet Comments/Additional Info?
    I had approx 3 cheats during the 14 weeks, twice I went over on fat to 70g and once over on protein to 100g! (cheeky Nandos for sons birthday)
    What did you weigh/BMI do leading up to O?
    I started at 195lb bmi 30 and at the time of our attempt I was down to 150lb bmi 23.7 (45lb loss)
    Any Weight/Exercise related additional info/comments?
    Cardio for 60 minutes, 6 days a week on the exercise bike. I also walked the dog for around 45-60minutes every other day.
    pH Before Starting a Sway Program, if known
    Any VG potions used?
    • NO

    CM pH at attempt
    DH pH
    How many BD attempts did you make for the BFP cycle?
    BD Dates according to Ovulation
    • 1 Day Before O

    Any additional comments?
    I was on the mini pill for 3 years prior to our attempt and we managed to catch the first egg. I was using clearblue and easy@home ovulation tests and went straight from low to peak (no high/flashing smiley). Got the peak at 8am and dtd at 11pm the same day.
    We planned to dtd naturally with J&D however on the day my dh suffered from a bit of performance anxiety and we ended up doing the tbm. I chose not to J&D as was worried we had lost a lot of swimmers already with the tbm. I propped my hips on a pillow for 15 minutes then went straight to sleep.
    DH Info about Swimmers
    • Abstained

    BD Position
    Did you Jump and Dump?
    • No

    Any relevant attempt details?
    Abstained for 7 days prior to attempt.
    TBM - nothing added
    DW Supplements
    • folic acid
    • Fiber

    DH Supplements
    Any additional supplement info?
    DH took Olive Leaf Extract daily for 14 weeks.
    Did you do anything with Ions?
    Blow dried hair, painted nails, sprayed lavender on pillows and had lavender scented oil.
    Moon Phase during conception?
    First Quarter
    Did you use any Old Wives Tales?
    Feels silly to write this but the peak came sooner then expected so didn't have time to get a baby girls outfit, ended up taking the pink outfit from my daughters old doll and putting it under my pillow!
    Things that make me feel great about my sway:
    Lost a good amount of weight (45lbs)
    One attempt
    Caught the first egg after coming of bcp
    Kept the diet for 14 weeks and exercise for 10 weeks with minimal cheats.
    Things that make me nervous about my sway:
    Conceiving on the first month!
    DH has 3 brothers and 6 nephews (my daughter is from previous relationship)
    Some of the Chinese gender calendars say boy.
    Feel like although very low calorie the foods I was eating (fish,cheese,chicken) were maybe too nutritious for a girl?
    BMI still to high.
    The dinner I had the day before my peak was what I used to eat when I conceived my boys (creamy chicken pasta with cheese)! hoping as it was a one off and still within the daily limits it wont ruin my my hard work up until that point!
    Things worth mentioning:
    Since I got my bfp i have been so anxious going through every detail of my sway finding fault and telling myself what I should have done better or more of. Filling in my sway has helped me realise that I really did do my best to up our odds as much as possible, and in all honestly if i had been stricter I likely would have lasted as long with the diet and exercise.
    I'm so nervous to find out the gender but I will be sure to update this page.
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    Good luck!
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