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    The newest eBook from atomic is out- Using Timing to Influence your Baby's Gender!

    Here is the Introduction of the new guide- The Science of using Timing and Frequency to TTC a Boy or Girl

    Timing intercourse is one of the best-known methods to help select your baby’s gender naturally (selecting your baby’s gender naturally is also known as gender swaying, or simply swaying). For many, it’s the only method of swaying they’ve heard of. So when they begin to investigate how to increase their odds of conceiving a baby of a particular gender naturally, it is the first, often the only method they look into. Unfortunately, as many have learned the hard way, timing simply doesn’t work.

    Both the Shettles and O+12 timing methods have been scientifically debunked when tested using modern technology. Shettles and O+12 do not work in the ways their proponents claim, and they will really lower your odds of conception - in some cases to zero. They may even undermine your chances of swaying success! But so many people believe in these methods that they want to include them. And that’s ok. The problem is, the techniques as they are commonly written are so complicated that they are difficult, bordering on impossible for a layman to figure out, let alone implement.

    We at Gender Dreaming have come up with a better way to utilize timing methods as a part of an overall TTC (trying to conceive) plan. It is based on the newest and best scientific information available and will enable you to include some timing methods in your plan without rendering conception impossible.

    Purchase from the main storefront here-
    Using Timing and Frequency to Influence your Baby’s Gender :: Natural Gender Selection, IVF/PGD Experts |
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