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    Exclamation Dream Membership Changes for 2016

    Happy New Year everyone. has just celebrated its 5 year anniversary and we are making some changes to the Dream Member private access on the site.

    We are increasing the annual fee to $19. I have never increased the cost of the membership and the fees to run this site of course continue to grow. This is still very affordable for 12 months of access.

    With this new year, we are adding some features.

    Become a Dream Member and access all Private Forums including the Private Gender Swaying Forums, all High Tech Gender Selection Forums.

    High Tech(IVF with PGD) Membership benefits-
    1. A list of all US clinics that offer GS
    2. Ask the Experts posting capability
    3. For US Residents, 1-800 phone support
    4. For International Residents, Skype phone or chat support

    Gender Swaying Membership Benefits include-
    1. Low Everything(LE) Overview information for TTC a Girl

    2. High Everything(HE) Overview Information for TTC a Boy

    3. 5-days of Meals for TTC PINK and BLUE, Foods to consume and avoid for TTC a Boy or Girl.

    4. Gender Swaying Research Reports

    5. Review My Sway Forum for sway plan feedback from our swaying coaches

    The Cost for Membership is $19.00 USD for 12 months of access. The Membership may be cancelled at any time. We use Paypal to process all payments. Don't have a Paypal account? No worries! You may create a Paypal account and then choose your payment method for a one time transaction. Paypal lets you do a one-time transaction using your credit card, debit card or with an eCheck.

    Name of the business as it appears on customer card statements: DREAMBABY

    Thank you for supporting

    Any questions can be emailed to
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    New to IVF/PGD for Family Balancing? Read this- Understanding IVF/PGD- a HT Guide for those New to the IVF/PGD Process

    Need a Natural Swaying Plan? Naturally sway for a boy or a girl- Personalized Swaying Plans

    Become a Dream Member to access the private forums

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