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    LOL, it is probably because when you get home from deployment, the "times are good" aspect of boy swaying comes into play. Women are happier, and let me just be real, when my SO got back from deployment earlier this year, lets just say dtd was at a high lol, as it is for most couples post deployment. I think that aspect of it sways blue, but again if you follow diet, lifestyle, attempts, etc. that may negate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emmir4356 View Post
    I have some theories about the one attempt and Iím curious what you think atomic...

    With one attempt, thereís less sperm available than if you have multiple attempts, and lower sperm count=pink. This is probably also best for couples whose men have higher sperm counts. I wonder if the body recognizes lower sperm and the egg attracts the x sperm?

    Another theory is that it prevents womenís testosterone from getting too high. Frequent BD will raise womenís testosterone which sways blue.

    Third, with less sex, it tricks the body into thinking that times are hard. Sex is a biological need and cutting back is a form of stress in the body, swaying pink. Frequent exposure to sperm raises testosterone?

    Very interested to hear your thoughts. I wonder why so many woopsie babies are girls, I guess because they are more likely to have only one attempt because they werenít trying to get pregnant. Have you noticed surprise babies are more girls?

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    I tend to go a different way with this because as I mentioned before I am very very far from sold on the testosterone angle.

    We know that sperm have some sort of primitive mechanism in which they communicate to coordinate some of them always being dormant and others being awake to fertilize an egg. Once sperm lose their cap and wake up (capacitate) they are super hyper, swim fast, and don't live very long, while the sperm that are still dormant have a cap, live much longer, and swim more slowly. Many sperm die without ever capacitating. So I believe it to be plausible that something having to do with maternal environment and/or presence of another batch of sperm encourages mostly X sperm to wake up and Y sperm to stay dormant, or vice versa.

    Either additionally or along with that, I suspect that more sperm at the egg may give some advantage to Y sperm vs. X somehow, because they do have very slightly shaped heads and ~may~ swim with slightly different styles. Maybe the slightly smaller Y sperm gains an advantage if there are many sperm, slightly bigger X if there are only a few. While some research does indicate that the egg does preferentially select HEALTHY sperm, we have no evidence that it selects by gender because there aren't any obvious external differences between the two - in fact, X and Y sperm, for much of their development, are the SAME CELL wearing the same skin on the outside and thus probably don't have any externally different features. But anything is possible and it may be theres some other mechanism.

    The egg can't be detecting lower sperm counts though because regardless of how many sperm are deposited in the VJ, it's such a hard trip that only about 50-200 sperm ever make it. There's no way for the egg to know how many sperm were in the VJ to begin with - whether it was a lot of attempts, or just one big attempt, if a guy has high sperm count or whatever, it only knows the very few sperm out of hundreds of millions that show up at the critical moment.

    I do not believe AT ALL that this boils down to testosterone either male or female. There's just too much data that indicates otherwise such as Clomid raising testosterone in women yet leading to the conception of more girls, and men who are taking wegihtlifting supplements that raise their T levels very high, also having more girls.

    Yes, we absolutely find that more oopsie babies are girls but the catch of that is sometimes when people have oopsies, they're actually having a LOT of sex either using protection or pullout. We find that a lot of protected sex, but with protection, and then one attempt, still sways pink. And additionally (and I think I mentioned this in more detail elsewhere) there's that large minority of pink swayers where they have sex every single day and still have girls, likely because the husband's sperm count is lowered from daily sex and possibly a hostile female reproductive tract. So I don't think it has anything at all to do with the amount of sex per se and more to do with the amount of sperm on hand.

    Overall, we assume that the reason for this (and this assumption/observation dates back to Darwin himself) is that if there's a man around all the time, boys have a much better chance of surviving to adulthood (in the wild world in which human beings evolved) and if there's not a man around, girls have a much better chance because they don't need the same level of protection that male offspring do.

    So this notion confuses the issue even more so because the absence of a man away at war and then his return (sometimes just on shore leave, acccording to some researchers) should not be enough to "convince" the woman that her hubby is back to stay. I don't think it can possibly be "just a bunch of sex" because a) we do have that group of girl parents who have sex all the time and still have girls and b) because it doesn't make sense with the "men returning from war" theory because the woman's body wouldn't know that her male protector had returned.

    We won't know till someone starts doing some actual testing rather than just speculating and no one seems interested unfortunately.
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