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    For now, please stop buying things on Gender Dreaming.

    I am so very sorry to have to post this message, but this situation obviously just cannot continue.

    Please stop buying things on Gender Dreaming for the time being. Until the technical issues are rectified and people's accounts are getting activated again, or I am granted access to do those things myself (which I would be happy to do) I can no longer assure everyone will get what they paid for. Every day I am hearing from a person who bought something and didn't receive it, and I must assume there are others who didn't get what they paid for. I have no way to access the records to reach out to people who paid money and didn't contact me, no way to check to make sure that everyone who paid has gotten their plan. This is not acceptable.

    I have done my best the past few years to accommodate everyone who has made a purchase, to get them their sway plan and coaching via email, but it is a vastly inferior way to do things that takes up way more of my time by far than working on the site used to. Not only that, but email coaching is confusing and frustrating not only for my clients but for me - it's too hard to be able to keep track of everything in Gmail and I cannot provide the kind of thorough, prompt responses that you guys deserve. I find myself working many hours a day, helping far fewer people, while making next to no money. I didn't mind doing that in the short term for what I had assumed was a temporary situation, but this situation is sure seeming permanent at this point.

    I can't go on in this state of limbo any longer. My last ditch thought here is that maybe, if the site stops making money completely, then maybe something will change. If the plan here is to let the site die, please just rip off the Band Aid and let me know. If something is going on and I can help, I'm more than willing to. I have money in hand and I am willing to buy the site. If all that is required is a little more patience, let me know that, too. I do not require (nor do I want) any explanations from anyone, I just want to know where we're going from here so I can plan my own life and guide clients accordingly. There will be no drama. Any option is fine with me, but please don't leave me in the dark any longer. I do not want to spend any more hours out of my life trying to save something that is predestined to fail.

    Those of you who have made purchases and not gotten what you wanted, please email me at Even if it was years ago. I will either refund your money from my own pocket or make you a plan with coaching. Just let me know and I will make it right.
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