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  1. Welcome to swaying!
  2. No-Fault Swaying!
  3. another way to look at the swaying odds
  4. How should I sway?
  5. complete guide to swaying and yeast infections
  6. why does gender run in families?
  7. Timing and hormon question
  8. How do Sperm Come to Life?
  9. Lower sperm count favors females.. some rambling
  10. is it a good idea to sway while going HT??
  11. what is the BEST way to lower testosterone?
  12. you "can't" carry a baby of that gender!
  13. Sex ratio total population per country
  14. Zyrtek really DOES work!
  15. How long does it take to lower testosterone??
  16. Saw Palmetto help
  17. Does Low Carb Sway One Way or Another?
  18. Boosting Testosterone
  19. Has anyone heard of/tried gender swaying program A-GENDER???
  20. Body Hair!
  21. Odds of having boys, girls, mixed gender family- old statistics thread by lindi
  22. update on me
  23. Boosting egg quality
  24. how hairy are YOU?!
  25. Dr Potter post in HT forum
  26. Heprin injections when swaying?
  27. Is douching safe?
  28. Ph levels
  29. Survey!
  30. home hormone level testing
  31. Guide to Replens and RepHresh (Part 1)
  32. measuring pH
  33. Conceiving twins!
  34. How important are ph levels?
  35. Testosterone Levels - strange question!!!
  36. pre-O temps
  37. The lure of Lubes!!
  38. Aci-jel and Sylk
  39. Best sex positions for babies of a particular gender, or just getting pregnant!
  40. Question about Vitex
  41. mood = gender?
  42. clomid
  43. Clomid
  44. overkill?
  45. What does it really MEAN to have high (or low) testosterone?? Scientifically??
  46. Is there anything I can do to make my cycles shorter???
  47. Ugh I cut myself with my digi tester...
  48. O+12
  49. light blood in ewcm before/at ovulation...is this normal???
  50. Does breastfeeding sway pink or blue?
  51. Inducing AF with parsley?
  52. okay.. timing
  53. some thoughts on calcium?
  54. decaf coffee OK every now and then?
  55. Just cannot go HT...
  56. Shettles method of timing for boy and girl Part 1
  57. ATOMIC-that light thing you were talking about to regulate cycles(full moon)
  58. Skrimpi!!!
  59. Farewell ladies!
  60. why do vegetarians have more girls???
  61. The Kitchen Sink, the Mellow Yellow, and the 80-20 rule UPDATE Dec. 6 2017
  62. DHEA experience, anyone?
  63. The Exercise Enigma - both genders
  64. Moon theory?
  65. Lunaception
  66. OPKs...do more + days mean later ovulation?
  67. Does anybody know if Vitamin K is the same as Potassium?
  68. If you ever see a mistake...
  69. READ ME FIRST - This isn't what they said!
  70. Comic relief for swayers....when things like this happen!
  71. Old article about the French Gender Diet from People Magazine!
  72. Complete guide to taking supplements!
  73. Tracking the three primary fertility signs (BBT, cervical position, and CM)
  74. i read that taking clomid days 5-9
  75. I'm very tempted to just go for it!
  76. DH vegetarian TTC blue
  77. ovulation pain and spotting - in depth
  78. Ovulation and temps after m/c at 5 wks
  79. WHOA....opk is + on CD11 now...is this normal?
  80. the seasons and swaying
  81. Tea??? TTC boy
  82. Question about OPKs and how to read them
  83. pH test strips
  84. Could this be my cervix?
  85. What is your take on BDing....frequent for ttc blue ok?
  86. getting started with OPKs
  87. is anywhere to get cranberry tablets with out
  88. was anyone able to find the french gender diet?
  89. If you are interested in a FB swaying buddy group
  90. Calcium supps raising PH?
  91. Food and supplements for the 2ww?
  92. What kind of cut-off is this?
  93. Diva cup half off today only 3-7-2011
  94. Is suddenly getting a cold a sign of early pregnancy?
  95. TBM question
  96. Many Marvelous Milks! For Pink and Blue.
  97. Living in Australia and ions/seasons
  98. I ordered the French Gender Diet book!
  99. 1
  100. Natural ideas for combatting a cold/sinusitis in 2ww/pregnant?
  101. Super Soy for a girl or a boy!
  102. Do Tylenol, Advil and Mortin sways blue ???
  103. 1
  104. About to O and starving
  105. Anyone Uses/Tried a Ovulation Watch?
  106. Soy Isoflavones and cysts
  107. Rephresh or replens??? Tcc girl
  108. Prenatal Vitamins
  109. blue dye pg test?? got a pos heard they have evaps
  110. Solar flares
  111. Ovulation Monitors and share your experiences here!!
  112. I got a BFP!!!
  113. when to stop baby aspirin when you are pg??
  114. can someone do biorhythyms for me???
  115. Sweetening up your sway! For pink and blue!
  116. 1
  117. How to check pH for DH and DW
  118. Abbreviation Translation!
  119. I just wanted to say
  120. TTC Girl sway by breast feeding?
  121. Are these supplements ok?
  122. Is it ok to use Rephresh and Sylk while swaying PINK?
  123. HELP DH ph soooo not girl friendly
  124. Coke - good or bad for any sway?
  125. 1
  126. Humid weather
  127. Boyjoy's link about caffeine amounts in various drinks
  128. Water, water everywhere! For pink and blue!
  129. List of LOW and HIGH Potassium foods!!!
  130. Calcium Rich Foods
  131. Does recent surgery sway?
  132. Info on Swaying While Breastfeeding!!!
  133. Info on Vitamins and Mineral Sources!!!
  134. Where do you get vitex?
  135. swaying while breastfeeding
  136. Eclipse and Swaying???
  137. My French Gender book came today!!
  138. How long does one sway beofre TTC?
  139. Choosing Your child through Diet- The French Gender Diet Introduction
  140. Great Calcium Info... useful for Boy or Girl swaying!!!
  141. Exercise question for TTC pink -- calorie goal?
  142. Looking for plug in ion purifier
  143. Can DH take Licorice root and Soy?
  144. ready to plan my new attempt!
  145. Supplement for DH
  146. Iluvmman's TTC Boy Sway Plan for May 2011
  147. Have you ever asked about your mother's diet/what/how she ate before conceiving you?
  148. Basic Breads for pink and blue
  149. What about skipping breakfast sways pink?
  150. It is time for a little housekeeping 4-3-11
  151. Sun beds
  152. How does high testosterone in dh sway blue? or does it even?
  153. Does lack of sleep sway?
  154. Does sudfed/zyrtec etc affect Men?
  155. Pool..does it sway?
  156. Is this normal? (re: dietary changes)
  157. cervial errosion
  158. got my publix bakery to make me some no salt bread!
  159. Having trouble with a digital ph tester
  160. Do you or partner have hayfever
  161. Spotting before AF
  162. any all girl mamas eat things like... popcorn, fries, or chips...
  163. Iron tablets
  164. links to survey threads
  165. Should I do Shettles, O+12, or what!!!
  166. DH wont do diet ....
  167. Blue: Diet and mistake foods?
  168. ??? Amounts of sex to have a gender ???
  169. How long do antibiotics take to get out of your system?
  170. Fertility Stones... Do they work???
  171. Statistics on Sway and Outcome??
  172. If we can get DH to change one thing.....
  173. Acidic/Alkaline Chart?
  174. How long are you doing diet, etc. before your attempt?
  175. Does when your AF start predict when you'll O?
  176. tea....
  177. Eggs
  178. Swaying -quick sway/diet description page?
  179. digital ph meter can not afford - what about ACCURATE PH stripes ?
  180. paging all Hanna and ovulation monitor experts
  181. Diet options for swaying
  182. is there something i can safely take while bf and swaying to decrease appetite?
  183. HELP PLEASE!!! Advice needed on my sway plan after two losses
  184. Atomic would you weigh in on this water for ttc girl please?
  185. 1
  186. Info on pH digital tester
  187. Ph testing??
  188. TBM Lowdown...
  189. I hope i'm putting this in the right spot...if not you can whip me
  190. Ph Paper Vesus Digital
  191. The MOST dangerous things for swaying
  192. Magnesium Rich Foods
  193. Starting vitex in the middle of a cycle?
  194. how to do TBM and why you probably shouldn't do it for gender swaying
  195. Need cm info???
  196. Moon Phases for 2011.. trying to concieve a girl!
  197. Someone please help a confused mum for ttc girl
  198. OPK's
  199. A Little Sad Right Now!!!
  200. If you got pg with a 2-3 day cutoff...
  201. Iron is just as important as Folic Acid...
  202. Dr.Elchuri's recipes for CONCEIVING
  203. Anti Depressants and swaying
  204. Site may be offline tonight for an upgrade!
  205. DH liquorice root
  206. Sits is going down this afternoon for upgrade!
  207. Sway is working...
  208. Does Maca Sway?
  209. Fast during 2WW and swaying
  210. Biorhythms and jonas calculator
  211. Probiotics (posted again)
  212. pH meters
  213. pH Questions...How often to test, fluctuations, etc.
  214. Now solar flares to worry about!
  215. Aquafina Vitamin Water....
  216. A newbie ttc boy in october
  217. Atomic...anyone...questions:)
  218. Kristin (atomic) is out of town... FYI
  219. Weight Watchers
  220. I found an online store:) Pretty great deals if you ask me!
  221. Is low vaginal ph during pregnancy indicator of girl at all???
  222. South beach diet?
  223. Your daily stress level
  224. Conceive plus lube?
  225. antibiotic question
  226. 1st TTC Boy Attempt this week - need blue dust!
  227. sex ratio linked to mothers age when she began menstrating.
  228. Calling Mums with Twins.
  229. Any last minute advice??
  230. mineral ranges question
  231. Just stumbled across this product, any good for pink swayers?
  232. The LAZY Swayers
  233. RePhresh question... and pH after BD!
  234. Solar flairs and when to start ttcing
  235. Anyone had side of implantation cramps later confirmed by 6-8 week scans? Ramzi Theory?
  236. what do you guys think of this plan AND now taking suggestions!
  237. Things We Learned The Hard Way - List things we learned when trying to put sway plan into action
  238. Red Bush Tea RooiBos tea which sway is it good for
  239. Anyone try babyman.net?
  240. Anyone not going to do the diet?
  241. Ovulation and increase bm
  242. what is Vitex?
  243. Beyond the cookie cutter - Personalizing your sway
  244. Is More better?
  245. Saw palmetto & Clomid
  246. Laser Hair Removal
  247. Antihistamines/Robitussin
  248. big girls, little girls, and baby girls (and boys!!)
  249. Spotting?
  250. Happy Mother's Day Everyone