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  1. Hey all you natural swayers!
  2. Products we LOVE for TTC Pink
  3. New study about diet & timing in relation to gender..
  4. Lowering testosterone levels
  5. Blood Sugar Levels - help!!!
  6. Does PCO/S sway Blue?
  7. the calcium conundrum - CONTROVERSIAL
  8. things that definitely sway pink?
  9. Starting to feel a bit better about swaying
  10. Swaying for a Girl - Diet Help please
  11. Swaying-gurus - what do you think of TBM for a girl?
  12. Has anyone ever experienced really long menstral periods whilst swaying for a girl?
  13. Does Evening Primrose sway girl or boy or is it Neutral?
  14. Soy milk for DH?
  15. Quorn for DH whilst TTC Girl
  16. Would love your opinions on adding calcuim to a douche or to replens/acijel.
  17. the vinegar/ calcium/ lime douche anyone done it? know how?
  18. is there any kind of liquid calcium dh could take?
  19. soy isoflavones or vitex?
  20. peppermint tea
  21. confused about something (diet)
  22. another question (sorry) about weight loss
  23. ok last one today i swear! calcium pill vs calcium in food
  24. so bummed about microsort
  25. um this girl diet is bonkers
  26. when to take supps
  27. are there ways to lower estrogen???
  28. what do you think about chocolate??
  29. aatomic- or anyone else
  30. supplement help?
  31. what brand or type of magnesium or cranberry are best?
  32. Opinions on using lavender to sway pink please
  33. Opinions on using spemricides to reduce sperm count and sway pink please
  34. represh question
  35. any other pink swayers with Mitral Valve Prolapse?
  36. pH products
  37. supplements- these ok?
  38. lemon oil/ orange oil
  39. hmmm.. you might be right about calcium atomic!!
  40. Energy Drinks and DH.... Also smoking question... Drinking
  41. cayenne pepper for ttc girl?
  42. what do you think about sylk or aci jel?.... diva cup
  43. rice milk or regular milk? in the middle.
  44. spacing children and gender
  45. magnesium stearate
  46. Soy Isoflavones and gender swaying
  47. what can lower estrogen?
  48. last q of the day lol clomid
  49. peppermint oil to increase progesterone
  50. need advice and thoughts on early ferning
  51. this whole swaying thing...!
  52. gymnema sylvestre
  53. Calcium Citrate supplements ARE alkaline
  54. Can yogurt or keifer raise your ph? why cant i get my ph down??
  55. peppermint tea??
  56. Milk and cholesterol??? Atomic need your advise!
  57. acijel help needed! how much and how often?
  58. % and clomid
  59. Please help me figure out a diet plan! whats your daily diet?
  60. checking pH
  61. Thankyou
  62. Critique my girl diet?
  63. Is oatmeal okay to eat???how about pudding?
  64. supplement help
  65. Does anyone else have 1 dd and swaying for another one?
  66. How long does it take this diet to start lowering your ph???
  67. Why only greek or organic yogurt??
  68. thought I'd share- decrease test. and estradiol, increase progesterone?
  69. rePHresh tampons?
  70. Cut off?
  71. any idea how to get my period going? breastfeeding
  72. Cranberry juice???
  73. Atomic or someone, question for you
  74. Is this 0 sodium break okay??
  75. what does unisom (doxylamine) and nyquil sway
  76. macrobid... is it safe to take for a uti?
  77. I think I found how to make my PH go down...barely eat anything!!!
  78. What does becoming a dream member give you??
  79. does xanax sway? I found out tylenol and ibuprofen sway girl1
  80. Does xanax sway???
  81. Medications that sway girl thread (tylenol and ibuprofen sway girl!)
  82. Where did that thread go?
  83. PCOS diet...
  84. Alcohol
  85. Kefir? what do you think of it?
  86. cut-off....abstinence or frequent BD??? cut off or BD AF-O?
  87. Honestly what do you think of this idea? is this boy territory?
  88. Is this right? Longer luteal phase, later ovulation better chance for a girl??
  89. Im O'ing to late! help! what CD do you O on, and how long is your cycle?
  90. Keeping blood sugar low and swaying girl? please explain this to me
  91. After 6 weeks quit supps O-AF....my ph has gone done drastically!!!!!!!
  92. Rice Krispies cereal
  93. Cardio Exercise
  94. what anthisthimine besides sudafed drys up ewcm?
  95. cranberry pills
  96. diet
  97. Thank you Atomic!!! Your Rephresh post, has worked for me and several others!!!
  98. I need diet ideas....low protein foods,, what should I eat?what do you eat?
  99. Another medication question
  100. repHresh question (asked in separate thread)
  101. My thoughts of why BD AF-O may not be good, any thoughts?does this make sense or no?
  102. Hi ladies
  103. cant use baby aspirin and cranberry,which should i use??
  104. how low is too low??
  105. how many days in a row is considered frequent release/attempts?
  106. my aci jel got here today!
  107. Sylk made my ph rise...now what am i gonna use for lube?
  108. are these foods okay to eat??
  109. TBM & Jump & Dump?
  110. Help why am i gaining weight???
  111. ? about aci-jel??is this normal???
  112. Lindi and mommy duke!
  113. Hormones for TTC Pink
  114. so confused,everyone telling me NOT to do cut-off....advice please
  115. what I have noticed-moms weight and gender
  116. Rephresh does NOT have acetic acid
  117. Do NOT order "pick the gender of your baby by ashley spencer"
  118. Im done stressing about swaying,im to stressed out
  119. 2WW and maintaining girl diet?
  120. I'm swaying this month! *Nervous*
  121. READ ME FIRST - Planning Your Pink Sway
  122. I have a plan but..
  123. why can clomid and vitex not be taken together?
  124. if im wanting to start trying the first of may
  125. Maybe it's not the calcium after all, a theory
  126. Question: testosterone, frequent release, and the Big O (hormonal issues)
  127. help! got my BBT but dont know where to start!
  128. Femara
  129. Recommended Fibre Supplements??
  130. confused.... diet questions
  131. How would you recommend using these things....
  132. Clomid or Vitex
  133. does keeping ph down from cut-off-O really matter?
  134. Rice milk
  135. Fasting? DH diet?
  136. vaseline as a lube for TTC girl???
  137. Do you think I should try vitex or no???
  138. US Presidents and their kids
  139. Is lactaid (lactase enzyme supplement)ok to use TTC girl??
  140. would ky sensitive jelly be okay as a lube???
  141. Okay aci-jel,works for me. Need to know how much to use, when to use, before BD etc
  142. Hi new and could do with some advice
  143. Aci-Jel?
  144. My first Real attempt tonight.....adivice needed.
  145. Im thinking BD'ing AF-O is NOT the way to go
  146. Sylk kills sperm???
  147. fish oils and flaxseed oil?
  148. starting the diet tomorrow!
  149. a few more diet questions
  150. oil/ butter
  151. Better than Acijel??????
  152. Moon phases?
  153. food / eating / time
  154. When to douche?
  155. Saw Palmetto AND Licorice Root question.
  156. Another proof about weight and conceiving girls
  157. does magnesium need to be taken with calcium?
  158. Folic acid
  159. if im not eating 100% off the diet
  160. Ugh how my attempt went
  161. Yogurt? Low sodium bread?
  162. Late ovulation=more girls? (was looking through fertility friend charts)
  163. what do you think of this lube?
  164. ions, how long do you spend in the shower and do you linger after?
  165. Diet and weight
  166. How we made girls...by girl moms! (PINK DUST!!!)
  167. Skipping breakfast
  168. yeast infection
  169. 1
  170. ? when to take Zyrtec
  171. Oh man I hope I didn't mess things up!
  172. if i start the diet 100% tomorrow
  173. 3 Blue.. 1 Pink.... Can I be blessed Pink again?
  174. Best Advice you can give me to SWAY PINK <3
  175. 1
  176. can you take a peek at my chart
  177. 1
  178. atomic need your advice about represh or replens please
  179. Diet question
  180. My BD'ing plan for next month if im not pg, thoughs please
  181. Acidic diet vs IG/french gender diet what do you think atomic? or anyone?
  182. blood sugar? craving sweets at night?
  183. eggs
  184. trying for a cut off and not sure when to bd
  185. What's for dinner tonight? (or any other meal)
  186. Cinnamon?
  187. How bad is chocolate?
  188. Cleaning products and swaying!
  189. diet and supplements during 2ww
  190. well i just suck at this diet
  191. Losing weight
  192. Steroid creams
  193. Is watery CM classed as EWCM?
  194. Swimming
  195. *Pink Summer Swayers!*
  196. Hi all! Intro from a newbie
  197. I have four daughters and this is my background!
  198. Read on another forum that B6 sways BOY! Freaking out now!
  199. Please help with vitex and Saw Palmetto Questions
  200. Am I out this cycle?
  201. 1
  202. Rephresh and replens.... Can I use both during cycle?
  203. Please look at my plan
  204. Questions???
  205. ttc girl what kind of water are you drinking?
  206. Please give thoughts on my Girl Sway Plan!
  207. Alcohol? Hot baths?
  208. Any input on my sway for late April?
  209. Rephresh - is this normal??
  210. Vitex or Saw Palmetto?
  211. Girl diet and meds question?
  212. Re-Evaluating My Sway..Help Please!
  213. My Girl Swaying Diet While Breastfeeding!!!
  214. TBM?
  215. Question on Peppermint Tea and Hormone Supps
  216. My planned sway
  217. First day tracking on Fit day and I am more confused then ever! HELP please! LOL
  218. New with a question about my sway!
  219. hungry all the time
  220. Atomic, advice wanted please!!!!
  221. Cervical mucus
  222. Antibiotics and pink sway
  223. Good results from Refresh and aci-gel
  224. OPK Fade in pattern?
  225. how i made my girls
  226. What should your natural (not swaying) pH be?
  227. Oil
  228. Can I take 200 mg of b6?
  229. Male dominant families
  230. Crystal light
  231. RE's opinion on swaying
  232. if i eat breakfast or an early lunch...
  233. Stress about sway delaying O?
  234. Slight change of plans.
  235. What can I put on my pasta?
  236. Pregnant friends
  237. Best time in cycle to have a diet break
  238. X rays
  239. Question about Rephresh, Replens, Aci-Jel, and Sylk
  240. Last Minute Questions!!!
  241. A little confused...
  242. girl Month or diet more important...please read and give opinion
  243. Almost 100% sure I O'd yesterday...when is O+12?
  244. Ovulation day confusion!
  245. My NEW breastfeeding sway!!!
  246. Bizarre question, so I do apologize! Sperm viability that is kept outside the body?
  247. Girl Diet help
  248. aspartame
  249. lower ph of CM but higher of saliva
  250. question about dh