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  1. New forum for future attempts!
  3. I'm glad I'm still just WTT because...
  4. I have such a long time to wait!!
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  22. TTC a girl in June, anyone joining me?!
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  25. still waiting but not for long
  26. One Last Pink Sway - 6 to 7 months away
  27. Getting an early start on planning a girl sway
  28. Am I insane???
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  30. Future child planning...sway or not?
  31. Any TTC Blue Fall/Winter 2013?!?
  32. :wave: New Here, Swaying Blue TTC Early 2014
  33. TTC Pink Jan/Feb/March-ish 2014?
  34. Perfect month to have a baby?
  35. Any new blue swayers trying for August?
  36. Please help....O question
  37. ttc oct/nov. New to swaying hoping for boy!
  38. wttc girl
  39. Any blue swayers TTC in dec 2013
  40. Things to focus on while waiting to TTC
  41. I need a buddy STAT! lol
  42. Anyone planning to try for pink in April 2014?
  43. April/May/June 14 swayers...
  44. Anyone waiting until Dec 2014?
  45. Does anyone....
  46. Who has had the Mirena in, then taken out? After experiences please :D
  47. saving for vas reversal then ttc.....
  48. Any July/August/Sept 2014 Swayers?
  49. TTC blue in Feb/Mar/Apr 2014
  50. Whoa, my ovulation kit is freaking me out
  51. FALL 2015
  52. Just dropping past to say hi and get updates on you all
  54. uk ladies
  55. question regarding time
  56. baby asprin question
  57. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting lol
  58. licorice root
  59. how long to conceieve
  60. Am i being too picky and/or selfish
  61. Trying to decide about TTC
  62. Pre ejaculation question
  63. Timing getting PG? Help me figure out when!
  64. Trying to decide when
  65. Anyone TTC December 2014?
  66. Rate my Sway - planning to start TTC pink in August!
  67. Long LH surge
  68. Just a suggestion?
  69. Any September/October/November swayers?
  70. tests
  71. cant wait lol
  72. Super keen girl swayers :)
  73. What we eat in cold season - TTC PINK - Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec
  74. TTC March/April/May 2015?
  75. When should baby number 6 come?
  76. Preparation 8 months before ttc?
  77. Babystart Fertilfocus ovulation test
  78. Worried about blue sway when dd2 still so young
  79. ttc jan any attempts
  80. Anyone know anything about Lady Comp??
  81. Anyone swaying blue while vegan/vegetarian out there?
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  83. Swaying after recently having a baby
  84. Just for fun birthday month poll
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  87. Diet Question
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  92. TTC soon or wait?
  93. DH not really on board with #3
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  95. Clomid and swaying pink
  96. Sway after Mirena? TTC Boy in Summer 2016
  97. Blue swayers!when do you start taking your supplements?
  98. TTC Girl early next year
  99. TTC girl early 2016..Buddies
  100. Just practising
  101. Planning a pink sway - summer 2016!
  102. Pink sway Oct 2016 - OK to stop strength training now?
  103. Planning a Blue Sway in a couple of months
  104. 3rd child on the fence/ opinions/experience?
  105. PH
  106. Stressing out about my girl sway!
  107. Any ladies here doing PCOS version of LE? Planning a girl sway in Aug-Sept!
  108. Winter 2016
  109. anyone here taking levothyroxine/synthroid?
  110. Anyone else "swaying" but not actively TTC right now?
  111. How far in advance to I have to change diet to sway pink?
  112. TTC Apprehension
  113. Thoughts on age gap for #3?
  114. Anyone planning to start TTC in the Spring?
  115. When do I need to change my exercise for June girl sway?
  116. Soy
  117. Good news, more good news and a conundrum
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  133. 18 month Countdown—Mommymachine trying for #7!
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