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  1. Welcome to Gender Disappointment...
  2. It's okay to post. I promise!
  3. Christmas and GD...
  4. My first real disappointment.
  5. It's worse when others have boys.
  6. How do you cope with friends with the desired gender?
  7. Should I find out gender at the ultrasound?
  8. Are you going to try for that boy?
  9. Ultrasound woes. Ugh!
  10. So guilty; please help
  11. 2 others with 3 Girls
  12. Struggling with pigeon pair families.. still
  13. Poor excuse for a sister? That's me!
  14. Why won't she just shut up?
  15. Why do I do this to myself?
  16. Somebody I know had a boy after 2 girls
  17. I want a daughter!!
  18. A whole new world....
  19. Almost feels like after 2 of the same gender eveyone should do HT
  20. I don't like this. :-(
  21. DD #2
  22. Shocked about my babies gender disappointment!!!
  23. Girl comment
  24. got the best comments last night!
  25. What to say to a friend expecting DS3?
  26. Being happy VS having GD
  27. BAck from my gender scan and its ....
  28. Again
  29. Trying to move on?
  30. new here - and would love to hear what you think...
  31. My SIL just hit the shit list....
  32. "There is something that I have to tell you"
  33. The Pink or Blue Early DNA Gender Test, anyone tried????
  34. Think I am ready....
  35. Longgggg feelings vent that I need to get out
  36. last child, if our hardcore sway fails and we have ds3 how would i feel?
  37. Had my baby
  38. Had my ultrasound last week
  39. Gender ultrasound Fri
  40. Having severe GD today...
  41. Hello, I'm new here!
  42. Still feeling GD...... :-/
  43. If You Knew
  44. Still angry over nasty comment!
  45. How do you tell people gender when you're struggling with GD?
  46. birthday parties
  47. Ever wish you had been more sympathetic to someone else's GD?
  48. Venting, again ...
  49. why did i torture myself?
  50. I need "return to life" program to cope with GD!
  51. Boy #4 for us.
  52. Failed sway - would appreciate any advice on coping
  53. 7 years ago I had to deal with GD, to this day I still get reminded of it....
  54. Update: SIL expecting girl after 2 boys...
  55. Well...it's girl #3 for grasshopper. Last baby...time to let go of the dream.
  56. psychiatrist
  57. I almost feel embarassed...is that weird??
  58. So sick of nasty comments!
  59. GD or is it something else ????
  60. Something nice - for all of us boy moms. :)
  61. Can't believe I'm here...
  62. So scared of getting GD again.
  63. Hurt my DS1's feelings
  64. ouch
  65. Oops, my bad, lol, but DD #2 didn't see the humor in it
  66. I didn't get my boy :(
  67. Damn...that REALLY hurt
  68. Is it really uncommon to have 3 of the same rather than 2 of the same
  69. Come Backs
  70. Getting worried!
  71. Do you think that people know that I am avoiding them because they have my DG?
  72. Tired of feeling like a freak show sometimes...
  73. Now what?
  74. Told boy at 16 weeks, maybe girl at 20 weeks.......
  75. My sister had a girl ignores her boys
  76. Why Did I Do This To Myself Again???
  77. This CAN'T be another girl
  78. I liked this blog post
  79. GD feels like it effects my whole life....
  80. Scared to get pregnant again...
  81. Anyone wish they could turn back the clock?
  82. Hate myself at the moment
  83. Celebrity Babies/Kids that make GD worse?
  84. HT why or why not...?
  85. Such an annoying feeling.
  86. Not finding out sex before birth?
  87. The universe is mocking me!
  88. Due tomorrow and still feeling sad
  89. It's really hard...
  90. Anyone Disappointment about having Girls??
  91. Selfish or not?
  92. Article in Parents Magazine on GD
  93. Preparing myself for boy #4
  94. Does GD ever end?
  95. Expecting 5th baby boy - no girls for me :(
  96. my heart keeps breaking
  97. Tables have turned :/
  98. What about this reaction to a u/s?
  99. Another boy for me
  100. I think I posted this in the wrong place at first...can I post this here yet?
  101. Please don't judge
  102. Baby here and do not feel any better
  103. My pregnant friend is obsessed with having a baby girl and it hurts my feelings
  104. Doc says 75% girl #3 at 20 week scan but I already feel the onset of GD!
  105. Bbaby Boy #3
  106. So jealous and sad...
  107. Gender Scan Today
  108. I feel like a terrible person...
  109. Gender at 10w3d
  110. A little sad...a little irritated...a little excited :D
  111. obsessing over stuff I should not be
  112. "she only makes boys"
  113. Is my dream killed?
  114. Struggling a bit today
  115. eight years of gd:-(
  116. DH struggling with the idea of girl # 3
  117. Need to hear how great 3 boys are!!!
  118. Advice please
  119. Need some help!
  120. why does no one understand???
  121. Does anyone else feel like garbage when...
  122. Just when I thought I was doing better
  123. Wanted girl, but tech says it's a boy. :0/
  124. The worst thing has happend :-(
  125. I just can't today...
  126. Hey Boy Moms, this will cheer you up!!
  127. Who was team green til birth and didn't get their desired gender??
  128. I am so angry at everything......
  129. Feeling like a failure, disappointing your partner
  130. Newbie here with mixed emotions
  131. Newbie, dealing with disappointment from whole family
  132. today is my day
  133. Making peace with my situation!!!!
  134. Want a girl really bad? How about adoption?
  135. Anxiety over pre-GD
  136. Feeling terrified to hope...
  137. Am I an awful person??
  138. they had a boy after 3 girls
  139. Gender scan tomorrow...
  140. Depressed
  141. Just read this article, very sad
  142. Can't Sleep
  143. Roll on christmas - am feeling so down
  144. Jealousy is so strange
  145. Obsessing over u/s
  146. 15 week scan seen boy parts
  147. Would it be wrong to lie about knowing the sex ?
  148. Boys boys boys...
  149. Regrets...
  150. Family Making Gender Disappointment Worse?
  151. I feel like the whole world knows the gender
  152. Hypnotherapy
  153. Still Reeling...
  154. On the flip side...
  155. Ahhh... the "what ifs"
  156. Boy number 4
  157. Ow. Ow. Ow. This GD stuff HURTS.
  158. Would a DG at #5 actually "balance" the family?
  159. GD before anatomy scan...
  160. ...and so it begins
  161. ive lost hope
  162. Confession: I'm scared to have another boy...
  163. The end of the line...how to move on?
  164. i am so bummed/pissed and just annoyed!
  165. Feeling Blah?
  166. "4th time lucky, hey?"
  167. Hypothetical question 4 your ladies-would you have therapy for GD?
  168. very very bad gender disappointment
  169. irrationally sad desperate for girl
  170. 32 week u/s on Monday ... any chance the penis has vanished?
  171. people get it all wrong sigh
  172. So conflicted
  173. 4th kid...ANOTHER GIRL :(
  174. So mad at myself...
  175. Annoying Comments that just rub salt in the wound....
  176. Sweet things our kids say
  177. Have gd already! Don't even know what I'm having yet!
  178. anyone else out there!!
  179. New here and need support
  180. Vent -- feeling overwhelmed, friend getting her DG, wish GD would go away!!!!
  181. How to give up on gender dream?
  182. Back and struggling...
  183. Trying to prepare myself, can't stop crying
  184. How do you avoid upsetting people?
  185. When Bad GD Days Attack
  186. GD....years down the line. the story.
  187. Prayed
  188. Shocked with myself...
  189. Only 14w but afraid of GD
  190. Feeling ripped off :(
  191. 4 of a kind
  192. GD is Destroying My Marriage
  193. The Blame Game
  194. Not a great day....
  195. Feel sad and guilty even posting here...
  196. Just when I think I'm OK...
  197. Green eyed nasty lady rant right here!
  198. Does anyone worry...
  199. And now this...
  200. Can't deal with newd
  201. Moving On
  202. help - scared I'll crash
  203. I hate you so much gender disappointment!!! please leave me!!!
  204. What special outfits did you buy your new baby boy when you were hoping for a girl?
  205. boy clothes shopping sucks.
  206. Double Gender Disapointment
  207. why me?
  208. Gender scan Saturday...
  209. sad and teary
  210. Feeling gutted but terrible about it
  211. Awesome, comforting song
  212. Another boy for me!
  213. Failed Method for a Girl
  214. can't stop this empty feeling
  215. 20 week ultrasound is another boy...still obsessing over whether it could be a girl:(
  216. So sad, told definite boy at 12+3 from potty shot
  217. Anyone else feel they don't belong here anymore?
  218. Devastated please help
  219. Just found out I'm having another boy
  220. I never would have imagined this
  221. Found out a week ago that we're having a boy, wanted a girl, was too scared to sway.
  222. Anyone else in the same boat? :(
  223. 4th boy on the way
  224. Still in denial. Ugh, I need help!
  225. So Sad!
  226. Wish I could just be happy...
  227. Having a Hard Time
  228. Need tips on how to get through next 20wks.
  229. I thought I was over this!!
  230. Still sad
  231. Looks like Girl#4 is on the way
  232. I never knew I would feel GD, trying to accept/cope and have noone to talk to...
  233. Anyone else here not having any more children?
  234. I hope you don't mind...
  235. Seriously feel like she is missing from my life.
  236. a little update on ur family..rising above GD..
  237. New here and hate myself for these feelings
  238. For those of you who went team green and didnt get DG
  239. Does anyone regret those GD feelings now that bubs is here
  240. Baby Shower
  241. Done PGD For A Girl & Having Boy Has This Happened To Anyone Else
  242. I just want to be happy about this little boy
  243. It's already started...
  244. Tut tut - another smug and stereotypical mother !!
  245. Arh why is everyone having girls?
  246. Gender Disappointment at 13 Weeks - Am I crazy?
  247. 3rd Girl confirmed..
  248. So it's a joke announcing that I just had my 7th boy!
  249. GD Triggers
  250. I'm cured..... Mostly