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  1. Heartbeat?
  2. Psychics?
  3. Hairline and gender
  4. Another OWT...
  5. red cabbage test!
  6. leg hair growth
  7. sex drive
  8. Breast growth baby movement and gender
  9. Key Test
  10. Mayan Tale
  11. Skin under Left Eye
  12. Previous Kids 1st Words
  13. Wooden Spoon, Scissors, and Pink Bows
  14. Toddlers
  15. Side You Most Rest On
  16. Dad's Weight Gain
  17. Urine
  18. PH of urine in early pregnancy?
  19. pH in pregnancy
  20. Pillow Postions
  21. It's a Boy or It's a Girl
  22. Anyone had similar symptons with two pregnancies but had different genders?
  23. month+age
  24. Gender Maker Prediction Test
  25. Gender needle test
  26. Fun little sight!
  27. Big BB's during pregnancy = girls? It's science.
  28. Intelligender Company being sued!
  29. my symtoms at 4weeks 4 days
  30. Skull?
  31. Prenatal test
  32. Boobs?
  33. Dreams?
  34. Headaches and horrible acne! Signs of Boy or Girl??
  35. No sickness at all..... Boy or girl?
  36. Was your appeptite different between boy & girl?
  37. Gums bleed = Girl
  38. Guess what the gender would be
  39. what gender baby refused to uncross the legs?
  40. Chinese Gender Chart (again)
  41. Baking soda test
  42. Iridology and gender prediction
  43. What is your belief in the Ramzi placenta location theory?
  44. urine test for gender!
  45. Baking Soda, Reg Cabbage test and thread test
  46. Headaches, sickness, bad skin and bleeding gums......
  47. Different cravings for different genders?
  48. Hunger and weight gain
  49. Red cabbage gender test - did it work?
  50. SKULL or Jaw theory?
  51. Eye Veins-Can someone decipher for me?
  52. Facial hair or grasping at a straw part II
  53. Does Which Side You Cramp On Indicate Gender?
  54. Anterior placenta
  55. When ....
  56. Urin pH predicting gender?
  57. Just For Fun: My Girl Pregnancy Symptoms
  58. ramzi guess - can u guess with these pics
  59. Chinagold
  60. Was the ring/pencil test right for you?
  61. Side you sleep on
  62. If the woman is older than the baby's father then is the baby's gender always a girl?
  63. Wedding ring pendulum
  64. Check this gender predictor, does it work for you?
  65. Brazilian OWT
  66. Theory by birth order
  67. Do i have any hope??????
  68. BOOBS!!
  69. chincese gender chart..i think there is something too it we get it all mostly wrong....i thinks
  70. Early Lactation?
  71. found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeahhhh...i know it just for fun but it feels GOOD!
  72. TRY THIS...LOL
  73. Ovary You Ovulate From??
  74. OWT--BOY--true for you boy moms??
  75. OWT--GIRL--true for you girl moms??
  76. Pain in side and back
  77. Hair growth
  78. Baking soda And Pee test...
  79. Best Baby Gender Test/ Cabbage Test... WDYT? ~New Results~
  80. Anyone carried a girl with a low all out front bump? Basketball shape?
  81. Early positive pregnancy test / early BFP? This mean girl for anyone?
  82. Chinese Gender Calendar Predictor? Were they right for you? All say boy for me but hoping for girl?
  83. the waiting game
  84. Baby bpm .com
  85. Linea nigra
  86. Tell me pink or blue.
  88. Butt growth and gender
  89. If you were trying to sway GIRL what old wives tales would u try and add into your sway for fun ?
  90. heart rate
  91. Morning Sickness & Gender
  92. Guessing gender with skull theory-where to post pic and ask????
  93. New to me OWT - based on u/s from 8-10 weeks only
  94. Missing symptom.
  95. the side of bump related to gender
  96. How much do you put into cravings?
  97. White area on u/s...thoughts on what tech said?
  98. 15 weeks and not showing?
  99. Five Element Theory for baby boy
  100. Pic! Girl or boy belly?
  101. Silly family OWTs?
  102. RING test!! How accurate was it for you?
  103. Skin under left eye
  104. Hairline of previous baby
  105. Feeling Hopeless regarding Sway.
  106. Ramzi's Theory Guesses?
  107. Girl after 2 or more boys - what was the difference in symptoms?!
  108. Gender Dreams Poll
  109. Early detection at 16 wks!!
  110. Morning/Night Sickness
  111. Implantation pain on the left or right = boy or girl?!
  112. Bakingsoda test
  115. Recurring gender dreams :s
  116. Ovulated from right ovary
  117. Heartburn! Boy/Girl lots of hair??
  118. drano gender test
  119. All of the old wives tales rolled into one
  120. MEAT: I cant Stand the thought of it!
  121. My Friend Has a Theroy.
  122. No sex-drive at all whatsoever ~ could it indicate gender?
  123. Moon and gender
  124. Second Trimester Sickness?
  125. Hyperemesis Gravidarum, more common with girls? Anyone ever have it with a boy?
  126. straight spine on us=girl and curved=boy
  127. Acupuncture Pulse gender determination
  128. If you are pregnant with a girl would you estrogen level be higher?
  129. Sex drive and gender?
  130. Gender dreams, did you have a dream of one sex and had the other?
  131. Morning sickness pretty much the same as with my boys.. another boy?
  132. Ramzi's Theory Guesses?
  133. Prediction Based on Sway (63% Accuracy)
  134. How can the baking soda test be so accurate?
  135. Ramzi ever wrong??
  136. Leg hair growth and gender....
  137. energy levels and gender !
  138. Being hungry and baby gender
  139. Bad skin during pregnancy
  140. boy girl diet website
  141. Cravings! Does salty stuff mean boy???
  143. Scared major boy sign
  144. Purple /red cabbage test! my results!
  145. Was your intuition wrong?
  146. Ring test?
  147. Having babies close together make opposite sex
  148. Ramzi Theory Tested?
  149. Left side pains?
  150. I know it early, but....
  151. I REALLY hope Ramzi is not True!!
  152. What side have you heard baby heart beat on right or left?
  153. Morning Sickness & Baby Gender
  154. belly pic 15 weeks pregnant
  155. Ok so I have what is probably a dumb question...
  156. Hair Growth & Gender
  157. Implantation Pain on the right could this mean boy?
  158. UK Ladies... Babybond & Ramzi Theory
  159. right side = boy ....... left side = girl
  160. Did you try baking soda test !!! please come on
  161. knowing your baby gender from its Gestational sac
  162. Urine urine urine!!
  163. Does anterior mean girl and posterior boy??
  164. CRL & Gender
  165. vaginal discharge = boy or girl
  166. The ring test
  167. Not even TTC or pregnant, but had dreams about babies
  168. Crown of the head
  169. The iris gender test...
  170. Intelligender
  171. How big is/was ur bump??
  172. my symptoms
  173. No cm in pregnancy = girl?
  174. Getting my hopes up? You betcha!! (lord help me!)
  175. Dark hair in strange places = boy?
  176. Hopes up to be let down??
  177. Do you think girl or boy pregnancies are harder symptom wise?
  178. Lunar age calendar
  179. Hungry?
  180. Guessing gender Tarot Cards (UPDATE: FINISHED)
  181. Could my partners family history determine gender?
  182. Are you sicker on girls??
  183. V shaped vein in right eye means boy?
  184. Cramping & bloody discharge
  185. Cravings and gender
  186. Ultrasound guesses?
  187. Good skull shot at 12 weeks...gender guesses? is this theory any good?
  188. Not sure where this goes but if you love statistics come on in lol
  189. Water retention and Bloating
  190. Chinese gender calendar
  191. Anxiety and easily angered a boy symptom?
  192. Please help, need Ramzi Theory Gender guess!!!
  193. Do ANY symptoms point to certain gender?
  194. Any nub guesses please?
  195. Old wives tale symptoms for a baby girl?
  196. Side you feel your baby's kicks
  197. Ultrasound percentiles and gender
  198. Early pregnancy cravings
  199. Conceiving during stressful time.....
  200. Does this sound boy or girl?
  201. Boy or girl?
  202. pattern of previous pregnancies and symtoms
  203. Such a stupid thing to be upset about
  204. Boy or girl?
  205. gender predictor test
  206. thread is deleted
  207. would you guess girl or boy?? gender scan tomorrow morning!!!!
  208. Moon on birth of previous child predicts next baby.
  209. baby bump guesses
  210. Quick conception, does it sway?
  211. Dreaming of Gender
  212. I swore I wouldn't go here but...
  213. Having my doubts already
  214. Ring test over the belly , just for fun
  215. Thoughts or experiances appreciated :-)
  216. OB couldn't make out Gender on 15.5 week Ultrasound
  217. Obsessing on everything, last shot for my girl
  218. Anyone hear of this new blood test?
  219. Measurements
  220. If baby prefers one side over other would this prove sex majority of time?
  221. papp mom 0.83 hcg mom 0.83 boy or girl?
  222. Old wives tale beliefs
  223. Last Quarter Moon?
  224. Were you sicker with a boy or girl?
  225. The Nub Club
  226. Found HB on right side... gender preditions
  227. Sex drive and gender, also moon phase.
  228. Having babies back to back (close in age)
  229. Anyone just know you were having a certain gender & end up with opposite?
  230. Ramzi me please!
  231. Prenatals and swaying...
  232. Nub guesses ?
  233. I have one of each gender and now pregnant with my third...
  234. 15 old wives tales tried and tested!! Which one worked for you? Do you believe in any?
  235. Gender prediction pattern theory
  236. TTC and GENDER readings done by online psychics
  237. Ramzi guesses please :)
  238. Ramzi & Nub Guesses Please? x
  239. Boy or girl?
  240. Ramzi
  241. Nub/skull guessing help pleeease! :)
  242. Nub/skull guessing help pleeease! :)
  243. I don't see a nub?
  244. Can anyone help me with skull and or nub theory? Pics from 12w1d
  245. Any gender guesses from nub and skull? Dating scan baby measured 12 weeks 1 day
  246. Boy or girl belly
  247. 12w4d ultrasound, pink or blue?
  248. Baby's heartrate
  249. Are baby boys measured smaller or bigger in utero?
  250. Is this accurate for you?