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  1. Biopsy timing question
  2. Day of biopsy
  3. How often does Dr Potter visit this forum?
  4. Hi Everyone, please post your questions!
  5. Lori Whalen, R.N., Nurse Coordinator, HRC
  6. DHEA- Helpful or Harmful
  7. Microsort?
  8. Elevated TSH and Poor Response
  9. Ovarian reserve teleconfernece
  10. IVF breakthrough 'will increase chance of pregnancy'
  11. IVF Meds
  12. GSN
  13. Dr. Potter, question about ICSI...
  14. Tips for a successful FET?
  15. pre tests
  16. No anesthesia Retreval
  17. Hello
  18. Antral Follicles on CD11
  19. A Question: High Protien/High Salt to prevent OHSS
  20. Microsort question
  21. Bedrest
  22. day 5 biopsy
  23. offer
  24. Dr. Potter --- do you think you can help me?
  25. microsort availability for those previously enrolled
  26. what type of monitoring is necessary/ideal for IUI
  27. Dr. Potter : Question re Naturally Smart Vitamins
  28. Pretesting - Day 2,3, or 4
  29. Chances of Twin pregnancy with only one Embryo transfered?
  30. Arranging a consultation with Dr P
  31. IVF Mistake prevention
  32. Advice for Helping with implantation
  33. Creation of new follicles/eggs with Meds?
  34. Dr. Batzofin...
  35. Rating System for Embies used at HRC
  36. To all uk mums who have had ivf pgd at hrc!!
  37. Dr Potter please help with ordering medication question
  38. Dr Potter - Have a great vacation!
  39. Things to do while visiting SoCal
  40. ART options at 46
  41. insulin resistance
  42. E2 (estradiol) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
  43. Estrogen priming ?
  44. Monitoring at HRC, how long is the stay?
  45. Dr P - Question on Embryo growth.
  46. Is brown blood bad?
  47. Timing Questions
  48. Puragon Dose Recomendation for cycle#2
  49. Blocking the fallopian tubes to prevent ectopic pregnancy
  50. DHEA
  51. 5 day biopsy vs. 3 day biopsy and fresh vs. frozen
  52. Do eggs get overstimmed ?
  53. if embryo makes it to day 5 or 6
  54. 2 failed IVF/PGD cycles- Dr. P. -help
  55. A/ACP protocol your opinion please Dr Potter
  56. which probe?
  57. Two unsuccessful cycles - any advice?
  58. Bcp and cycling
  59. Dr P, do you have any plans to offer a 2-cycle shared risk plan for patients under 35?
  60. MS Question
  61. GSN vs 2, 5, 9 - probe
  62. Depo Shot and IVF
  63. 3 day or 5 day biopsy with GSN?
  64. Dr P, would really appreciate your view, please
  65. Day 5 biopsy, Dr P?
  66. How long @ HRC if doing full cycle there?
  67. Future Of Microsort-Any Update??
  68. Question on frozen sperm transportation :-)
  69. x2 cancelled cycles due to OHSS risk should I give up?
  70. Great GSN results this week!
  71. aCGH via GSN
  72. should i give up
  73. Lupron (Lucrin) vs Ganirelix
  74. Saizen
  75. dr potter consultation
  76. Dr. P what's your view on Estrogen Priming Protocol
  77. Dr P, if one is unable to use your services, who/where do you recommend?
  78. Recommendation For NYC Clinic
  79. Dr.Potter I need your advice!!! Former HRC-LH patient of yours :-)
  80. Is ICSI compulsory with GSN Parental support PGD
  81. Dr. Potter- do I have a better shot now?
  82. Dr P, is sonohysterogram necessary and 2-cycle refund plan
  83. Dr. P- do you rec. 24 chromosome screening
  84. GSN vs CGH
  85. Poor Morphology- Still a Candidate?
  86. Dr.P.... Questions about sperm spinning
  87. Silica & biotin
  88. Mircroarray PGD
  89. PGD Opposite
  90. Can GS IVF actually work for me?
  91. Dr. p: breast cysts and ivf for gs?
  92. Sonohyserogram
  93. Gender Selection Interview
  94. Awesome article
  95. 2 Q's PLEASE
  96. Costs
  97. Contacting Lori
  98. Natural vs. Medicated FET
  99. Dr Potter - Any info for success rates ESET using 24 gsn v's 2 probe for a 35 yr old
  100. Dr.P...When should I get off medication?
  101. PGD/IVF any talks of it becoming illegal in the US?
  102. Dr P - Your success rate
  103. Dr P - 2 Qs re: ICSI and which day to biopsy
  104. Dr. Potter - Question about 24 GSN - all abnormals.
  105. women can ovulate more than once a month?
  106. Local Monitoring?
  107. Dr Potter - urgently need your help, please!
  108. Dr Potter, with these AMH and FSH results what are my chances??
  109. Super New & Confused, would love some answers...
  110. Can IVF success be genetic?
  111. blood results - what do they mean?
  112. Dr P, what is optimal day for pre-testing ultrasound?
  113. HRC Newport Beach is open!
  114. Cancelled cycle to donor eggs, how long should I wait?
  115. Contact Info for FREE CONSULTS and to receive $1,000 off your cycle
  116. Pre-testing Question for Dr. Potter
  117. Responce Time
  118. HRC cycle date question 2012
  119. Consult Questions
  120. Quick Question- GSN
  121. A silly question...
  122. Better to freeze eggs or embroys?
  123. HRC Costs for GD members...
  124. Estrogen Priming?
  125. Question for Dr Potter re immunology
  126. Is microsort in the us ever going to be available again?
  127. If you have a set of twins that are identicle are chances for second set higher with treatments
  128. aCGH vs. 5 probe FISH ???
  129. Any way to improve egg quality?
  130. Dr P, on behalf of all Aussies and Internationals
  131. Anyone cycled while still breastfeeding?
  132. Dr p question regarding contraception before pgd.
  133. Hashimotos
  134. GSN testing on Frozen Embryos
  135. Which options are available at HRC?
  136. Dr. Potter, Type 1 diabetes and PGD?
  137. Low responders - Growth Hormone - what are your views?
  138. Dr. Potter, any good clinic recommendations in AZ?
  139. Increased risk of ovarian cancer?
  140. Ovidrel & Breastfeeding
  141. Hi Dr Potter, can you see problems such as the Turner Syndrom when you test the probes?
  142. Dr Potter: scsa test and poor embryo quality
  143. FET success rates
  144. IVF..ICSI questions
  145. Frozen MS Sperm Shipped From Mexico?
  146. What is necessary for OB/Midwife to know?
  147. Amnio
  148. Dr. P: mini ivf and pgd
  149. Dr. Potter Contact Information
  150. Dr. Potter: Embryo Wall HRC Fertility Newport Beach
  151. Dr. Potter: Lab Newport Beach
  152. Dr. Potter: HRC Newport Beach Recovery
  153. Dr. Potter: HRC Newport Beach Lab
  154. Dr. Potter: HRC Newport Beach Pass through from OR to Lab
  155. Dr. Potter: HRC Fertility Newport Beach Clinical Lobby Suite 210
  156. Dr. Potter Business Card
  157. Blood pressure tablets
  158. Birth Control and cycling in a year
  159. PGD day 3 or day 5?
  160. Dr potter question
  161. Opportunity for News Coverage
  162. My body rejected a mirena is it likely to reject ivf as well?
  163. immature eggs
  164. Hi Dr Potter
  165. 24 SURE Single Embryo transfer
  166. Frozen sperm?
  167. chance at success
  168. When to have a consult and when to go off bcp?
  169. FET questions?
  170. Method of retrieving the sperm sample
  171. 2 Probe
  172. Insurance?
  173. July HRC IVF/PGD Cycle Cancelled -- No Normal Embryos.
  174. When to stop taking the supplements
  175. Amount of Crinone required after FET
  176. Dr Potter question
  177. Doctor's & Everyone Need Input! Thanks :)
  178. Dr. Potter? Anyone? HSG & IUI same cycle
  179. Dr. Potter? Anyone? HCG-nursing quest.
  180. Donor success rates.
  181. intercourse around ER
  182. Growth hormone and CJD.
  183. FET
  184. 4 day transfer versus 5 day transfer
  185. Increase Birth Defects IVf new study, is this also with PGD? Is this apply to a certain age group?
  186. Life span of frozen cell??
  187. Frozen cells viability?
  188. What are the best insurance carriers to have if you hope to have some of IVF costs covered?
  189. Dr Potter Question PGD 24 on Day 3, transfer on Day 5. Anyone else has advice please write. :)
  190. PGD question.
  191. Dr Potter Natera was refused in my clinic for PGD family balancing need your help
  192. Sperm spinning
  193. Egg Donation Disqualification
  194. Question about health and stims - Dr. Potter please help, thanks!
  196. Dr Potter: IVF/PGD for Family Balancing Failed All Abnormal
  197. Dr Potter Question
  198. Stims drugs safe when suffered with Obstetric Cholastasis in previous pregnancies?
  199. Dr. Potter need your help.
  200. Australian scientists fertility breakthrough - new IVF solution. Used by HRC?
  201. Trouble getting a response from Dr Potter's clinic
  202. Natera no longer offering Day 3 analysis??
  203. Dr P Have u ever come across women who just cant carry Girls??
  204. Natera Update
  205. Birth control pill before commencing ivf with Dr Savvas
  207. Baby Aspirin and History of SCH
  208. Come See Dr. Potter in Australia
  209. Dr P - Prep and Timing?
  210. What should I ask during a consultation?
  211. Menopur question for Dr. Potter
  212. is amniocentesis necessary after PGD
  213. Any clinics use IUI instead of IVF for gender selection with more accuracy?
  214. IVF & PGD- Odds of both genders to select from?
  215. Come See Dr. Potter in Australia: Final Details!!!
  216. Is HT for me?
  217. Dr. Potter, any contacts "friends" or referrals in Chicago?
  218. Hard to Retrieve- No more IVF/PGD for me?
  219. Cyvita - side effects?
  220. Low antral follicle count--weird cycle---please advise
  221. Stims & monitoring
  222. low carb and quality
  223. IVF/PGD and timing question for Dr. Potter
  224. Proceptin vs. Cyvita
  225. HT & Autoimmune disorders
  226. Dr P - How long are hysteroscopy results valid for pre-testing purposes?
  227. Link to 60 Minutes "BY DESIGN" segment
  228. Miscarried 1st time doing PGD. Many eggs fertilized but poor embryoquality
  229. Accuracy of aCGH for genderselection?
  230. Bike race/IVF
  231. Where is Dr. Potter?
  232. Saline Sonohysterogram determines Adenomyosis.
  233. PGD Primer
  234. IVF and incidence of abnormal embryos?
  235. When stop Metformin after BFP?
  236. Do the sperm "take over" at day three and moving on?
  237. Any hope for 7 follicles on Day 8 of Stims?
  238. Any trips planned to OZ
  239. Olive Leaf as a supp for xx - Tablet or liquid and how much??
  240. CO-ENZYME Q10.... Ubidecarenone VS Ubiquinol? Supp dose please....
  241. Some advice please.
  242. Need informations
  243. Respond too Fast
  244. Birth Control
  245. When can be pre-testing done?
  246. Fresh Embryo Transfer with PGD Testing
  247. Initiating contact with HRC
  248. PGD/IVF for women over 40.
  249. Viagra or other drugs to thicken the lining?
  250. Dr. Potter is Coming to LONDON!!! JULY 21-25