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  1. The Science Behind Gender Swaying
  2. Trivers Willard hypothesis
  3. The beauty of mucus!!!
  5. You "can't" carry a baby of that gender!!!
  6. What are the REAL differences between X sperm and Y sperm??
  7. Maternal Dominance Hypothesis
  8. Biorhythms
  9. Soy isoflavones significantly reduced DHT levels and increased testosterone levels.
  10. sugar helps bind sperm to egg!!
  11. Study re sex ratio and change in mother's condition at conception
  12. Genetics and swaying
  13. bacteria alter the gender ratio in whiteflies
  14. Article about stress swaying girl
  15. low sodium diet RAISES cholesterol?!?!?
  16. will the slim fast diet sway girls
  17. The complete list of studies!
  18. Help me find a study!
  19. How strong does peppermint tea need to be?
  20. Thought it interesting
  21. women with heart disease have more girls
  22. women shown to have more daughters during famines
  23. Differences in breastmilk for boys and girls
  24. even small weight loss proven to lower estrogen and testosterone!
  25. fasting at night = weight loss
  26. Fasting at Ramadan leads to less males born
  27. Aggh! HYPERglycaemic environment in cows leads to MORE girls?
  28. High calcium intake boosts weight loss
  29. Understanding Scientific Studies for Swayers Updated 12-8-17
  30. blue swayers - eat an apple a day!!
  31. Male pygmy hippos can alter sex ratio
  32. Y sperm better able to survive hostile conditions?
  33. BPA
  34. Fertility article
  35. TW, blood glucose..good read
  36. A day in the life of sperm...
  37. Couple of questions on diet and exercise for TTC girl
  38. Beer
  39. awesome article!
  40. if you're wondering why swaying is SO complicated...
  41. Early spring means more bat girls
  42. high testosterone makes men more honest??
  43. pH testing
  44. can vitamin C cause twins?
  45. Mature mommas boy or girl ?
  46. Study on ramzis method
  47. Study shows more stress=more girls conceived
  48. If this is true...
  49. Obese women more likely to have boy or girl?
  50. BMI for blue?
  51. new study supporting Trivers Willard!!
  52. In Defense of Swaying Part 1
  53. "traditional" Chinese medicine
  54. Interesting article about omega 6 and lambs
  55. What does the future hold?
  56. Article about climate and gender in sea turtles...
  57. New study: it's the egg that decides X or Y sperm
  58. Is there a possible genetic issue that causes a woman to not be able to have a girl?
  59. Does DH's Weight Impact Gender?
  60. Research on skipping breakfast
  61. Alcohol question
  62. are men REALLY at that much of a reproductive disadvantage?
  63. DH on Sertraline
  64. Clomid and miscarriages?
  65. Study Shows Testosterone Levels Can Be Raised By Acting Aggressively
  66. Any info ladies.
  67. Olive leaf extract and the fertility of male rats
  68. Great summary of sex ratio studies with links to full text
  69. study about obese men fathering boys?
  70. Does Breast Milk Have a Sex Bias?
  71. Need some help with Frequency and Ovulation!
  72. egg may have more control over sperm than we think
  73. Understanding Scientific Studies for Swayers 2 - Famines and Fertility
  74. Resiquimod sorting?
  75. another study showing Clomid sways pink and IUI blue
  76. new study shows possibly explains how eggs pick sperm!!
  77. misleading article in news today
  78. please don't worry about sperm count and phthalates
  79. interesting article about sex differences in our ancestors
  80. study - intense athletic training in men made more daughters
  81. study - no, gender does NOT run in families genetically
  82. study - low calcium diet sways PINK in mice
  83. study - stressful environment sways pink but is negated by high fat intake
  84. study - high fat diet vs. high carb diet sways blue