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  3. Made some changes
  4. New Swaying Info available
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  6. Anyone want to chat tonight? 9PM EST?
  7. in chat if anyone is around!
  8. Made more changes!
  9. New Facebook Page!
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  11. I will be in chat tonight!!
  12. Chat tonight 2/11 at 9:00 PM EST is anyone is around and wants to talk!
  13. Better way to see My Posts!
  14. hi i've come over from IG
  15. Friday Favorites
  16. Happy Birthday Skrimpy!
  17. Happy Birthday Gus!
  18. In chat if anyone is around- the main one
  19. Tate is three!
  20. Happy Birthday 3PinkNeedBlue!
  21. If you are awaiting approval/moderation as of 4-4-11!
  22. Site Facelift and upgrade!
  23. I'm back!
  24. Blogs available!
  25. Tapatalk is now available for Gender Dreaming!
  26. Happy Mother's Day!
  27. skrimpy had her baby girl!!
  28. A Bunch of new Smilies!
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  30. New "Expert" on Gender Dreaming to answer questions!
  31. eCheck Payment for Dream Membership
  32. I had my baby :)
  34. Have the triplettes come yet?
  35. Sorry about that...
  36. 100,000 POSTS!
  37. If you are being redirected or seeing an error page
  38. Happy Thanksgiving!
  39. The forums are being upgraded today
  40. Google has removed the warning, site is clear
  41. I LOVE IT!!!
  42. happy new year
  43. Life is what happens when your making plans.....
  44. New Personalized Swaying Plan Service provided by atomic sagebrush
  45. HRC Newport Beach now open
  46. Community Guidelines and Liability Info
  47. Baby Begonia
  48. Internet explorer conncetion problems
  49. GD will go offline for a bit tomorrow morning for database migration
  50. The Twins have arrived!!
  51. Database Errors are being addressed, will take a little time to correct
  52. Back online!
  53. Moving again
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  55. Requesting Feedback
  56. DoulaMama's little Honeybee is here!
  57. I AM HAVING TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  59. Finally Moving!
  60. My baby girl is here!
  61. My Beautiful baby boy is here...Amazing birth story with a bit of a Medical scare!
  62. My Unexpected Birth Story - UPDATE, Pics On PG.3!!
  64. what chance have i got
  65. I just ordered a personalized plan!!!
  66. I have lost my baby...
  68. I feel baby number 5 isn't going to happen...
  69. Princess Belle is here!!!
  70. A Baby Shower for atomic sagebrush!
  71. My first ppaf is here!!!!!
  72. Is this a terrible thing to do???
  73. Cd 4...where do I go?
  74. About to makes some forum SW updates!
  75. We didn't go down- that was a forum upgrade! LOL
  76. Our team green baby is here!
  77. Surprise BFP here...
  78. fourunderfour - IT'S A GIRL! :)
  79. Introducing TTC5's Sweet Little BOY!
  80. It's a Girl!!!!!!!!
  81. She is here.
  82. New forum added - Later Mamas
  83. Happylea's Little Bundle has arrive
  84. Hobbermittens team green baby is here!!
  85. Oh my goodness...TWINS!!!
  86. This may help some Pink Swayers....
  87. My husband is hot....
  88. Hello yet another disappointed IG user!
  90. Update from failed high techer - Have faith dreams come true!!
  91. Holy Smokes! - UPDATE :o(
  92. Happy Thanksgiving!
  93. Can anyone tell the gender of my sono pictures by using theories?
  94. Can anyone guess the sex of my baby
  95. can you see where the placenta is? 8 week ultrasound (vaginal)
  96. My fourth boy!
  97. Personalized Plan New Additions!
  98. Merry Christmas!!!
  99. My DH passed away...
  100. My Christmas BFP!
  101. Hi I'm new to GD, planning to sway pink
  102. Hi Aussie mums!
  103. Happy New Year!
  104. Made some house-cleaning changes
  105. Hello Everyone. planning to sway blue
  106. All gone terribly wrong ? Maybe ??
  107. Didn't expect that...
  108. Link to Contact Form for Dr. Potter, HRC
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  110. HELP Please, need to figure out OV
  111. I love this forum!
  112. ~*Baby Butterfly Princess Has Arrived*~
  113. 1
  114. Please check out the new and improved index and take our surveys!!!
  115. Dreamofpink's Easter BFP!
  116. it's a boy! Merci Dr Papa
  117. 21 days of meals- breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to Supplement the HE and LE diets!
  118. 21 Day Diet Plans Now Available!
  119. Not new but just wanted to say....
  120. I just can't win :(
  121. eCheck payments in Paypal
  122. Dr. Potter Gender Selection Seminars and Baby Reunions Australia: Final Details!!!
  123. Site Maintenance- Servers are all filled up!
  124. Maples girls have arrived!
  127. Had to reboot the server. Sorry for going offline abruptly.
  128. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
  129. New Member Marketplace- Post about your small business!
  130. computer broken atomic
  131. the big move!!
  132. Main .com page getting a new look- forum will stay live but .com will be changing this weekend
  133. New TTC a Girl or Boy Swaying Bundles! Get a plan and 2 eBooks for $99! Memorial Day Sale!!
  134. Member with terminal cancer needs our help
  135. Dr. Potter is Coming to LONDON!!! JULY 21-25
  136. Is there any moms that got a boy after 3 girls? If yes post here!
  137. Hi guys!
  138. did you Add Your Sway recently??
  139. I'm pregnant!!!
  140. My baby girl is here early at 32 weeks.
  141. UK girls- Dr Potter is going to be on TV!
  142. Its a Girl
  143. Dr. Potter LIVE on Studio10 from the Los Angeles studio TODAY!
  144. auroara78 has passed away
  145. Did you wait to find out the gender?
  146. When to POAS?
  147. Servers are being upgraded! May require a little downtime
  148. It's a girl !!!
  149. Migration is complete
  150. New Affiliate Program for GenderDreaming members!
  151. question about nub theory at 14 weeks
  152. New Clearblue Fertility Monitor and 48 refill sticks for sale
  153. Baby aspirin & Cranberry supps
  154. Dedicated to my 2 beautiful sons x
  155. af came today lets get this sway underway
  156. Coming off bc and pink sway
  157. Pull out method and swaying pink?
  158. Sweeteners and swaying?
  159. Is anyone else scared?
  160. Happy Thanksgiving!
  161. Link to Contact Form for Gender Selection Australia
  162. FIRST TIME EVER SALE! Small Business Saturday!
  163. It's a girl, again
  164. Happy Holidays!!
  165. Mrs_Incredible - my daughter arrived safe and sound!!! (3 sons & now my DD completes our family) xx
  166. boy or girl nub?
  167. UPDATE! It's a boy!!!!!!
  168. Boy or girl guesses?
  170. We are still working through issues to get all of the updates in place! Site may behave badly today
  171. I know there are Sucuri error pages popping up. Trying to get that resolved
  172. Internet Explorer issues
  173. atomic's PM's nearly caught up
  174. great results! post your sways!
  175. Im having a girl, after stopping my girl sway :)
  176. We are giving away a Swaying Plan!
  177. OOPS....BFP
  178. I'm having a girl! Wasn't even really even swaying!
  179. It's a GIRL!!!!!!! Harmony results back!!
  180. It's a girl. Thank you Atomic and genderdreaming!
  181. Oh dear, BFP!!!
  182. Baby girl #6 is here...
  183. Newbie here.....hi!
  184. last minute help with my sway!!
  185. The newest eBook from atomic is out- Using Timing to Influence your Baby's Gender!
  186. Save the Date- Dr Potter is Coming to Australia!
  187. West Coast GD Meet Up- Follow along!
  188. I am working to correct slowness and access issues now.
  189. Merry Christmas
  190. Happy New Year!
  191. Dream Membership Changes for 2016
  192. Hope is NOT a Strategy!
  193. Want a plan TODAY for conceiving your Dream Gender this year?
  194. 12 week scan nub guesses please
  195. Determined gets her wish and is having a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  196. Update!
  197. HRC discount will NOT be honored without contacting them through this site!!
  198. Deleted
  199. VERY annoyed regarding moon signs! Atomic??
  200. Back after miscarriage and have a question about Aci jel
  201. Tryin to guess my baby's gender can someone help 😊
  202. Message for Goodnessme
  203. Wondering
  204. Anyone heard from Essnce or Maiden??
  205. 13 weeks so pregnant. Boy or girl?
  206. 13 weeks and 5 days...boy or girl?
  207. A little help
  208. Ramzi guess- please help me:)
  210. PLEASE is this a definite girl?
  211. Server Maintenance today
  212. Forums will be closed for a bit tonight.
  213. any guess about gender?
  214. Ramzi predictions for triplets
  215. Nun guesses for gender
  216. Gender guesses for twins
  217. After 11 months ttc.... Bfp!! ❤️
  218. Supplements after BFP..
  219. Faint positive!!!
  220. My baby boy is here!!
  221. FREE 'SWAYING' fictional novel free for BLACK FRIDAY 23rd Nov -27th Nov 2017
  222. I swayed and itís a.... GIRL !
  223. Scheduled Maintenance tonight
  224. Anyone want to take a guess on my baby's gender nub theory 14 weeks 2 days
  225. Baby Oliver is here!
  226. New member
  227. Hi
  228. Ramzi - 7 weeks and stressing
  229. Vitamins...
  230. Percept test results say GIRL - sway success!
  231. I'm having girl #5
  232. Merry Christmas
  233. Driving myself mad
  234. New girl swayer here!
  235. New member!!
  236. Sway plan question??
  237. Dr. Braverman has passed away
  238. My Baby Girl has arrived!
  239. Swaying Plans available for IMMEDIATE Download- No waiting!
  240. Forum maintenance Monday September 23rd
  241. Ivf sucess!!! Yay!!!
  242. She is a she, we have 6 boys and our girl is now here.
  243. Hey everyone Iím new to this please help me
  244. 1st attempt girl sway...no joy!
  245. Plan to buy
  246. Ph test
  248. Bed time snack
  249. Anyone is trying for boy next month????
  250. Butter (ghee) or olive oil