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4 blues~hopingforpink~
September 11th, 2012, 06:53 PM
Feeling pregnant at 5 weeks? I feel completely normal, no ms, sore boobs, I get tired but thats about it right now. Kind of worries me... I know I should take advantage but I would like some reassurance that Everything is ok. Anyone else feel normal?

September 12th, 2012, 04:29 AM
I didn't really get proper morning sickness until about 7 weeks, and then it was kind of all day not feeling great, I'm 9 weeks now and it has got even worse although doesn't last all day. My boobs have been really sore since before my bfp, and I felt shattered from early on.
Try not to worry every pregnancy is different xx

September 12th, 2012, 05:39 AM
Yeah I agree this time felt completely non pg at 5 weeks! 6 weeks had 24/7 nauseous. Try not to worry sweetie xx

Mama 3
October 29th, 2012, 01:40 AM
Don't worry enjoy