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November 5th, 2012, 12:16 PM
ďA question raised by the study is whether vitamin C might have a similar effect in humans. In contrast to most animals, humans cannot make vitamin C and it must, therefore, be obtained regularly from dietary sources. "Although the development of plant and animal embryos differ in many respects, the manner in which the genetically identical twins were produced in our study is similar to that for identical human twins in that it is the very first division of the fertilized egg into two separate cells that produces the two separate embryos, resulting in two seedlings in plants or two fetuses in humans," Gallie said. "Despite the differences in the subsequent development of embryos in plants and humans, the critical effect of vitamin C is on this very first cell division." To Gallie's knowledge, no study linking vitamin C to twins in humans has been carried out to date.

qoute above from >> UCR Today: Link Between Vitamin C and Twins Can Increase Seed Production in Crops (http://ucrtoday.ucr.edu/7124)

SCI-TECH: UC Riverside prof finds key link between vitamin C, crop production (http://m.nctimes.com/news/science/sci-tech-uc-riverside-prof-finds-key-link-between-vitamin/article_d092149d-5959-5165-9533-8b95e24d5722.html)

and of course those are guesses and assumptions, they dont know how identical twins are made, they put it off as a draw of luck if your egg splits, they dont know why it splits, but of course we know something has to cause it to split, they say identical twins arent hereditary but then there are those that have family history of identical twins throughout their family, so basically there isnt enough study on identical twins to say, anyway I thought this was very interesting and thought I would share :)

atomic sagebrush
November 5th, 2012, 07:35 PM
That's an interesting idea, but even if true, ID twins are a risky business and I ~personally~ would not want to go that route due to the higher risks.

Thanks for sharing!!!! Cool.