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January 1st, 2011, 09:08 PM
What are functional foods?

Functional Foods are those that you will consume for the purpose of aligning your body secretions' pH levels with a more favorable environment for the gender you desire. You are what you eat. This chart will provide guidance as to what foods you should eat to bring your body to either an alkaline or acidic state.

Now, extremes are not healthy and not recommended. This is swaying. As much as we would like it to be, it is not an exact science and there are no 99% guarantees like other sites might tell you. Taking our guidance from the studies provided within, pH level does seem to have an impact on gender outcome. You husband/partner will benefit from the Functional Foods as well and it is a good idea to have him follow the diet with you. If nothing else, you can incorporate in some of the proper choices to try and give yourself the best chance possible. You can test both of your pH values along the way to see if it works for you.


Here is the LINK TO THE pH FOOD CHART (http://genderdreaming.com/family-balancing/natural-gender-swaying/science-behind-gender-swaying/diet/ph-food-chart/)

atomic sagebrush
January 4th, 2011, 01:07 PM

Here's an interesting article!!!

atomic sagebrush
January 5th, 2011, 12:11 PM
I posted this in another spot too but reposting so it's easily accessible.

The myth of the magic foods.

A big part of swaying lore is the Myth of the Magic Foods. The idea that if you eat enough of one thing, or totally avoid certain other foods, that guarantees you a baby of a certain gender.

Would it shock you to learn that this myth is only that? A myth?

Let's face it, we all know women who ate straight off the boy menu and have the most beautiful daughters on the planet. For many people, it makes it very hard to accept that swaying can have any basis in reality at all.

But there ARE NO MAGIC FOODS. If 10,000 women ate a diet of nothing but cranberries and Crystal Light starting today, some of them would still have sons because their bodies were simply so "set" to produce sons that diet alone was not enough to overcome that. If there was a magic food that guaranteed a baby of a particular gender 100% of the time regardless of all other factors, the human race would have died out a long time ago.

Throughout most of its existence (and the existence of our primate ancestors) humanity lived in scattered settlements and nomadic tribes - traveling was tough and dangerous, and food is perishable. Consequently, most people were limited in their diets to the foods available to them where they lived - no going to the grocery store for tomatoes in January.

So if eating a particular food ALWAYS produced children of a certain gender OR prevented conception of a certain gender, and a society grew or gathered that food as one of their staples, if the Myth of the Magic Foods was true, over time that society would die out because there wouldn't be enough mates to go around. Those of us who are here today and alive, are here BECAUSE our ancestors were able to produce children of both genders regardless of the foods they ate.

Humans didn't even have the ability to drink milk until 15,000 years ago (most adults of Hispanic, African, Native American, Aboriginal, and Asian descent are still unable to digest dairy foods), and cranberries, tomatoes, potatoes all originate in the New World - for those of us of European descent, we didn't even have access to these foods until 400 years ago. How could it be then, that eating massive quanities of these foods are in any way a requirement for conceiving a child of a certain gender? Both boys and girls were born in cultures that eat a high level of dairy foods, both boys and girls are born in cultures that eat a largely vegetarian diet, both boys and girls are born in cultures that eat primarily meat - with very little deviation from the 50-50 ratio. THERE ARE NO MAGIC FOODS.

If that's the case, then why is diet such a huge part of swaying? Well, it's because diet is one of many cues that our bodies use to tell us about our environments and which gender offspring has the best chance of survival. Males need more and higher quality calories to survive from the moment of their conception - baby boys weigh on average 3 ounces more than baby girls do at birth, and the differences in average size and caloric requirements continue throughout life. So when times are good and a mother has access to a lot of high quality foods, her body receives a signal that a son has a good chance of surviving. When a woman's diet seems to indicate that she doesn't have access to enough quality food to sustain a male child, she's more likely to conceive a daughter.

This is true whether a woman is eating meat and potatoes or cranberries and Crystal Light - if her body "believes" that a boy has a better shot at survival, she is more likely to conceive one, and vice versa, regardless of the magic foods she's eating. Science indicates that someone who subsists 300 calories of bananas a day has a better shot at a daughter than someone who eats 5000 calories of greek yogurt with berries mixed in, regardless of the amounts/types of minerals present in those foods. (NO ONE SHOULD EAT 300 or 5000 CALORIES A DAY THAT IS JUST AN EXAMPLE)

Diet is not the only cue that Mother Nature uses, however. Things like the amount and type of exercise we do, pesticides in the environment, our overall health, even the types of social interactions we have, along with many other things, all may be sending a ****** of signals to our body that a boy/girl would have a better shot at survival.

Mother Nature has designed a set of failsafes into the equation, that over time keep the gender ratio pretty close to 50-50, around the world regardless of diet. Diet can certainly help change the signal your body is receiving, especially if you change it suddenly - but it is not the only piece of the puzzle by far.

That's why unraveling the mystery of gender swaying is so dang tough, because there are always going to be exceptions, there are no magic foods, there are so many variables at play, because the complexity is what has kept human beings alive for all these many thousands of years.

January 10th, 2011, 04:30 PM
I am very curious about what exactly this diet high in fruits and vegetables and rice in the study was?