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December 7th, 2019, 12:45 PM
Do all high tech gender selection techniques involve IVF? Is there any way that someone sorts through your husband's sperm for the desired gender, throws out the unwanted gender and you get a turkey baster? All the hormonal treatment and egg harvesting process of IVF is off-putting if you're not in a position that it is necessary to conceive in the first place

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atomic sagebrush
December 7th, 2019, 03:12 PM
Nope, I'm afraid that is not a thing. While they did experiment with the idea in Microsort, Ericsson, and a few other sperm sorting methods, there was never ever any method where you received your husband's sperm sorted from a clinic for at home insemination.

Additionally, ALL three of those methods - Microsort, Ericsson, and the other sperm sorting techniques all require treatment with hormones. There was never any method of sorting that did not require your ovulation to be induced by Clomid or gonatotropins. They all require an invasive IUI procedure as well in which doctors inject sorted sperm into your uterus.

Further, Ericsson has been extensively studied and proven that it makes still 50-50 X and Y sperm. The Ericsson clinics admit this but claim that the sorted sperm still conceives different numbers of XX and XY, but that's very much open for debate, and their claims are quite close to what we're getting from swaying anyway. The other sperm sorts are even shadier and less proven and should be viewed with a very skeptical eye, as many clinics will do a bait and switch where they'll claim "our sperm sort is 100% accurate" but if you read the fine print that is if you do the sperm sort with IVF/PGD (which is of course 100% anyway) and NOT sperm sort + IUI.

And finally, Microsort, which does actually alter the proportions of X and Y sperm, was super hard on the sperm and cut odds of conception to practically nothing. When I was back on Ingender, which was the time that Microsort was being trialed by the FDA, I saw thousands of women do hundreds of cycles with Microsort and IUI and only two of them ever got pregnant. Of those two, one of them had an opposite with 92% X sperm (got a boy anyway with only 8% Y sperm). The others all threw away thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it. The FDA declined to approve it because it didn't work in the end - too few people got pregnant.

Long story short, if there was something out there like this that worked, I'd have you guys do it, but there is nothing that works any better than swaying and beyond nothing that does that without requiring hormonal medication and invasive medical procedures, so if that;s what you wanted to avoid, you'd barely be any better off than IVF for a far, far lower chance of getting your desired gender.