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June 26th, 2020, 03:32 PM
Reposting as there was a technical glitch with original post!!

Just going from observations in the Babydust Method forum it seemed like there were a lot of successful pink sways when people BD twice ahead of ovulation. It seemed that 4 days and 2 days ahead was working. Also sways that were more than 3-4 days ahead of estimated ovulation seemed to be swaying blue. Is there anything to this? I know estimating ovulation is a little difficult and I think OPK’s were used for most, maybe a clear blue as back up too. I suggested that the author could collect data in an uncontrolled survey from their members but they just really stick to their recommendations from the book and are not very willing to learn from all of the valuable real life data that people are willing to share. Not like this site constantly evolving with the most up to date data available and being open to just finding the best trending that indicates what is working. So refreshing!

I was very interested to read here that e4d seems to be showing some positive trending.


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atomic sagebrush
June 26th, 2020, 05:20 PM
4 days ahead has very little chance at surviving to greet the egg. Those sperm died before the O-2 batch was deposited (the repro tract is still pretty hostile at that point and sperm die fast in many cases).

Scientists have proven that there's about a 1 in 1000 chance of conceiving with that timing and the people who think they got pregnant with that were either very lucky or ovulated sooner than they thought (and they even used Dr. Shettles own data to prove it!) Those people got pregnant with one attempt, which sways strongly pink in our results as well.

Scientists have been studying Shettles for a good 60 years now and have found no consistency in timing intercourse for gender. And when they used modern technology to accurately pinpoint ovulation (rather than just having people have sex on a certain day or track ovulation themselves) they found about 50-50 boys and girls conceived on every cycle day. Like I mentioned, they even went back through Shettles' old data using modern technology and again found 50-50 boys and girls conceived every day.

While it's fine to do timing if you want to, the most important thing is that one attempt. If you can get pregnant with one attempt and a 2 day cutoff that is fine. But I hate to see anyone do a 4 day cutoff (and no one should do that for blue, ever, because it would be not only very low chance of conception but also one attempt) because most people would only ever get pregnant that way if they ovulated early.

June 26th, 2020, 06:14 PM
This all makes total sense and the more recent data certainly backs up what you are saying. The thing that lingers in my head is the fact that tracking through the Babydust method, we were only doing one attempt for about six months. My cut offs ranged from 1.5 days to 5 days. I struggled with recurrent miscarriage throughout and the cycle that I used progesterone resulted in DS3 - that’s another story! Cut off with him was 3.75 days. I believe I was pregnant 5 out of 6 cycles with faint bfp then loss. I can’t be certain of course that I knew exactly when I ovulated but I got to know my cycles pretty well with the cheapie opk’s. I also tracked for 6 months after I finished nursing DS2 and my period returned. If I can get pregnant with a 5 day cut off I worry that e4d would not be one attempt even though I would much prefer an e4d approach as I think it would be a bit more natural than the stress of the single attempt.

So I am on board with letting go of timing but my worry is that frequency could be higher than desired when considering a couple whose chemistry seems to allow sperm to really stick around!

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atomic sagebrush
June 27th, 2020, 03:48 PM
If you did get pregnant with that long a cutoff then it's like a lightning strike. If it happened then it doesn't mean it could happen again.

We have excellent results so far with e4d so even though it's a smaller sample size than one attempt so far, it is pretty unlikely it's swaying blue.

you have the option always of starting off with timing and dropping it over time if you don't get pregnant.