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August 10th, 2020, 01:08 AM
Is it true that celery sways blue and if so would it be safe to eat some 4 weeks out from my girl sway attempt?! I bought two big heads of it last night before reading that itís not recommended and Iím the only one in the house that eats it!

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August 10th, 2020, 08:30 AM
There are no magic foods or restricted foods on the LE Diet! [emoji4] As long as you are within the limits, you are okay.

ALSO I believe celery is a low carb vegetable which would mean itís free and unlimited and you could eat as much as you want! Personally I hate celery so Iíve never had to look it up, BUT I do have an old post saved in my phone with a list of low carb veg, and celery is on there.

Enjoy that celery! More for you and none for me LOL [emoji16]

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atomic sagebrush
August 10th, 2020, 11:37 AM
I have a few things in the diet to placate the "old school" sway people and that is one of them.

Celery is absolutely fine. Foods in and of themselves do not sway, it's your overall diet as a whole, and not any "magic foods".