I just had my first gender IVF cancelled due to poor response. I am 36, AFC 13-16 ( checked twice, was 16 then before starting IVF was 13) AMH 1.8, and FSH 5.2. I have three boys and do not have Fertilty issues. I was in birth control for 16 days and then low dose hcg and 450 Gonal F. I was responding very slowly and therefore Gonal was increased to 525. By Stim day 6 I had 3 follicles 10-12 and all other follicles were very small (3-5). Since we are doing this for gender our cycle was cancelled. Doctor seemed very surprised at my repobse since I looked "good" regarding the prelim
Testing. He mentioned that maybe the birth control surpressed me too much. Any ideas? Is it worth trying again or do I is it possible I have DOR even though my testing was good?

Thank you!!