Hi Dr. Potter. We spoke a few weeks ago as I wanted to come to your clinic but my pretesting discovered that I have extremely low AMH 0.1 and they could only see two follicles (I am only 33 had both boys first try within the last 3 years). I sadly came to the decision that I couldnít cycle with you (because I may need to do a few cycles and I have two young children already and would need to travel very far to Newport Beach from north CA). You very sweetly said you understood and to keep in touch and gave me your email address but unfortunately I misplaced it.

I just tried to cycle locally for the first time last week and went in on the first day of my period (no birth control) and had 4 follicles. I then took femera 2.5mg for 4 days and menopur (#3 vials) for 2 nights.Sadly however when I went back in on the 4th day the other follicles had not responded and I just had one lead follicle as I would in a natural cycle. My doctor decided to cancel the cycle this time and try again next month.

My doctor said although they may tweak my medication a little they donít think I should go super aggressive as I have such a few eggs to begin with they donít want to risk the quality.

I guess Iím just wondering your thoughts on the protocol and want your opinion on what the best way forward would be? I canít afford to do more than two cycles at 15-21k a time as it just seems like such a lost cause if I only get one egg each cycle to even try to get a healthy embryo let alone a girl. If it wasnít so expensive I would just do a cycle every month until we got a healthy girl embryo. Would just love your professional opinion and if there are any other options - I had read about natural cycle IVF but my understanding is that jag is just cheaper because of less medications but Iím getting those covered by my insurance anyway.

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give me. Iím just feeling very despond and like there is no chance at the moment.

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