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Thread: Just bad luck?

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    Just bad luck?

    Hi Dr Potter,

    I have had 2 rounds of PGD IVF treatment at 2 different clinics. During both rounds my results were always very good and I never had any challenges. The first clinic (Cyprus) resulted in 4 x unsuccessful transfers, the second clinic (USA) had a successful first transfer which resulted in miscarried twins and then 2 further unsuccessful transfers.

    The second clinic conducted and EPA to begin with (was fine) and during my last transfer lipids were used. The doctors at both clinics always told me that it was just bad luck as there was no other explanation.

    Can I ask what your advice would be here as we are still keen to explore PGD for our longed for girl?

    Its worth noting that I have naturally conceived 2 boys without issues- 1 before my first round and 1 after the last round.


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    Hi there, I apologize for my delayed response I did not see this post. It’s very hard to say without reviewing your records to see the embryo quality and the protocols that were used. It is possible it could be bad luck, it is also possible Le that the embryos were not truly euploid (chromosomally normal). Since you have conceived naturally we know you are capable of becoming pregnant, which leads me to believe it’s an embryo quality/chromosomal issue. I’d be happy to review your case with you as I would have more insight with more information.

    Dr. Potter
    Daniel A. Potter, MD
    Medical Director, HRC Fertility Newport Beach, California
    Laboratory Director, Natera (formerly Gene Security Network)

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