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    Rephresh and FR question!

    Thread Starter: jax006

    Orginally I was wanting to abstain for 12 day with 1 attempt @+opk. I was going to use Summers eve vinegar douche before and after to control ph (I know

    Last Post By: jax006 Yesterday, 05:08 PM Go to last post

    Jump and dump? How important?

    Thread Starter: vicz2001

    Hi Atomic!

    Just wanted your opinion on this? Is it important do you think for a girl sway?

    Many thanks,

    Last Post By: vicz2001 Yesterday, 05:03 PM Go to last post
    Racey hoping pink


    Thread Starter: Racey hoping pink

    Hi Atomic

    sorry I forgot to ask about this previously, but I've been having a little glass of gin with hubby a few times a week, with us

    Last Post By: Racey hoping pink Yesterday, 01:29 PM Go to last post

    Suspect PCOS?

    Thread Starter: jax006

    I've been reading a lot of post on ttc girl regarding pcos. I've suspected I've had pcos since my early 20's (I'm 32 now). I have unwanted hair (happy

    Last Post By: jax006 Yesterday, 01:18 PM Go to last post

    No jellies right?

    Thread Starter: Abifasc

    Month 2 ttc- we used Femara last month but my husband left early in the fertile week so we didnít conceive. Iím nearing ovulation and my PH is about a

    Last Post By: Abifasc Yesterday, 11:19 AM Go to last post

    can you help? 2 questions

    Thread Starter: Jinky

    I was reading in the pcos diet: GOING HT. what does that mean?

    i am eating 2 times a day.
    12 o clock and 18 o clock

    Last Post By: Jinky Today, 04:29 AM Go to last post
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