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    You have been truly blessed with two girls after your four boys. That’s lovely but I think siblings fit in no matter what. I was so close to my sister growing up so the idea of me maybe even having one more and it being a girl I do keep thinking well what’s the point if she’s going to be on her own? Maybe I shouldn’t even bother. Having said that my eldest son is so desperate for a little sister. He tries not to “make me feel bad” for having another boy. It’s funny and cute. People are so ready to throw comments. It just the last thing you need. That’s why whenever I see a pregnant woman I will never ask what she’s carrying no matter what. Cos u have no idea what she’s going through. Gosh I don’t know what I’d do without the support I get on here. You guys really make my day. And I need it a lot atm. Thank you ladies

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    its funny even though we have 2 girls my DD2 is closest by far to DS5 dont let anyone's opinion dictate weather you have more babies and dont let them spoil DS4's arrival either, he's going to be perfect!! (typing this while snuggling my own 3 week old blue bundle )
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    I was extremely sad & stressed during my 4th pregnancy. After a very long sway (10months) I fell pregnant & then had a miscarriage. At that point I didnt care about gender & just wanted to be pregnant again. I never felt the joy with that pregnancy. Only fear & sadness. I felt so robbed of my joy & innocence that I felt with my first 2 pregnancies. Finding out that I was expecting my 3rd boy was even harder than my second - but I think that was much smaller than the fear of losing another baby. I didnt tell anyone that I was pregnant (apart from hubby) until I was around 30weeks. I was small & hid it well. I then went into labour at 34weeks much to the shock of everyone. We managed to hold things off for another 4 days then my rainbow baby arrived. At that moment everything changed & he healed my broken heart. He still does everyday. He is the most beautiful snuggly boy. He has a lovely nature & was a easy baby. So being profoundly sad & fearful didnt affect him at all. Goodluck.
    mummy to 10yrs & 8yrs. 7weeks dec 2016 4yrs.
    After 2 failed sways we are going high tech

    May 2019 IVF1 4 follicle, 4 fertilised & only 1 made it to day 5
    JUly 2019 IVF2 8 follicles, 3 fertilised & only 1 made it to day 6 frozen & waiting for us
    our precious was a failed FET .
    IVF3 1 day 5
    2020 COVID halts our plans & we cant travel
    2021 6 more egg collections yeild 17eggs in total. Frozen gametes shipped to clinic & 16 survive the thaw & only 3 fertilised. None to test on day 5

    Jan 2022 this wasnt the plan.......
    Feb 2022 stopped growing & left me at 8weeks

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