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    BFP and freaking out

    Hi All

    I have been following this group since June 2020. I live in Australia and was planning to head to the US for gender selection IVF September 2020 but with all boards closed thatís not possible so I stated getting interested in the sway information. Itís all very detailed and complicated but I enjoyed reading everyoneís posts.

    My husband and I have 2 beautiful boys. A 3yr old and an 18month old.

    Long story short I just found out Iím pregnant again. Iím a mix of excited and so so so anxious. Itís still very early days (only about 5 weeks). Also anxious about miscarriage as my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. God pregnancy really does play on all your emotions.

    COVID has been good for our family in that we have been enjoying a lot of time together and my husband and I have been enjoying that too. Lol

    I feel this is the only place I can turn to process all this.

    I had started back running (I did Ironman triathlons before having kids) in the last few months and have been running 20/30KMS a week and watching what I eat to try and get rid of the last bit of my baby weight. Of course I had binge days and Do drink on weekends. I lost about 3kgs in about 2 months. Iím 5ft 3 and 58kg. Since covid I have been doing at home weights classes. 2-3 times a week.

    Iím also still breastfeeding my 18 month old.

    Iím pretty sure I ovulated on 8 or 9 August. And we had sex that week on the 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th.

    For unrelated reasons I started using replense at the beginning on this year.

    I was still breastfeeding when I conceived with my second son and training for a half Ironman. I know he was conceived on the day I ovulated as he was an ďopps momentĒ and on that week there was only one day we had sex.

    Thoughts?? Iím so anxious. I feel like this situation is the same as with my second son only with him I knew had another chance...this is my last chance.

    Am I screwed?

    Sorry for venting!

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    No advice, just wanted to wish you luck. I hope you get a little girl

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    You can always have a baby girl even with a full on blue sway - and you had a LOT of stuff swaying pink for you. Even though you got a boy while exercising a lot and breastfeeding those things do still sway pink. Losing weight and possibly the replens as well may help!

    Good luck and tons of pink dust headed your way!
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