Ok great!

This is the (light) sway that I did:


After I had my second boy in 2018 I changed up my diet and cut out all dairy and soya (he was allergic through my breastmilk). I also stopped eating meat but still ate fish and seafood regularly. I continued with this but eventually started eating soya again after about a year and a half. Fast forward to when I conceived our girl, I was still completely dairy free and eating fish but no meat, just the odd left over chicken nugget!! In the three months leading up to when I conceived I was drinking 2-4 coffees in the morning (lattes) made with hazelnut milk and eating breakfast mid morning rather than first thing. I was eating about four times a day but not snacking too much in between. In the 6 weeks before I conceived I had cut down my fat intake a bit. In the 2 weeks before I conceived I had quite a few days where I didnít eat much in the day (ate lunch late then had dinner) as I was busy with my two boys. I drank about 3 alcoholic drinks a week around when I conceived but prior to this was drinking about 4-7 a week.


I was breastfeeding my youngest about 4-5 times a day around the time I conceived, sometimes a bit more! It started messing with my cycle a bit and delaying ovulation. I worked out that I must of conceived with an ovulation which was delayed by two weeks.


I wasnít doing any exercise, just walking around doing my everyday things. I had put on a little bit of weight but then may have lost some of this again. It was only around 4 lbs and my weight tends to stay consistently between 7.5 - 8 stone.

Timing etc

We were not trying to get pregnant and it was a complete shocker when I found out. We had used the pull-out method but my husband had been drinking so didnít quite pull-out in time! I didnít think I was ovulating, as I didnít have any ovulation symptoms. I did have an orgasm and jump and dumped straight after. It was an abstain of about 3 weeks as weíd had a dry spell!


I wasnít taking any vitamins or supplements. My yogurt did have some added vitamins. Neither was my husband though he was eating a fair amount of soya products every day.

Time of year

I had read that more girls are born in the winter and she is a December baby.


I have OCD and definitely have a tendency to get obsessed with things and attention to detail. Luckily I wasnít thinking at all about swaying when I conceived though I was involved in another project that I was getting quite obsessional about!


I did wear nail varnish around when I conceived, not something I usually do very often.

I think thatís the main things but can add anything else I remember!