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    Kitten- a FET is a frozen embryo transfer- when you have extra embryos from the original fresh cycle and you go back for them.
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    i will soon have 3 girls and i am hoping to do pgd in thailland next year. i just read your above blog and see you did fet. i was wondering how fet is different to ivf- pgd?
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    hhj, you may want to check out the forums for more information!
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    Hi Everyone!
    I have just been reading your stories regarding Superior Art in Thailand and wondered if anyone has any updates, has anyone been to Thailand yet, is anyone pregnant? How did it work out for you? I would really like to hear your latest news...
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    Thanks! Yes, first egg McMuffin! I just don't really do breakfast out. Cayenne is the best natural thing for immediately increasing blood flow. There is a post about it in the forums. I ate cayenne on anything I could right around ET. Benefits are immediate.

    It is scary but they cannot fall out. They explain it like your cervix being velcro and there is no way the embryos can just fall out. They just float around until they are capable of attaching. I did very little rest after and there is no proof that rest does anything so other than heavy lifting, you might as well get on with your life!
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    You have to sign a consent form when you cycle as to what to do with any remaining embryos whether they be desired gender or not. Typically, your options are indefinite freezing but you pay yearly for that, discarding, donating to another couple and in some cases donating to science.
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    Question maybe I should know what do they do with the embryos like XX that you dont want? So on the first post I read you took the pregnancy test and you were pregnant are you still???

    PS I wish the blog started from the oldest...
    Im reading your story backwards, I'll see if I can figure out how to start from the begining..

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    I love your Blog. First I like leaving my DH anytime he's not needed for everything. Shopping, Dr. Appointments you know whatever.
    Was that your very FIRST egg Mcmuffin ever? What was the cayene pepper for?
    Was is scary after they put the embryos back in that they were going to just fall out?
    LOL your DH is funny mines the same way hes gotten better over the years I usually call his mom if Im really excited about something because as a lady shes excited about the same things I am.