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  1. bunnywabbit's Avatar
    I'm still getting the walking in, even if I'm not really feeling like it (obviously I won't push it if I can't) while the weather is nice. Even if it's just round the block for fresh air. I do feel better for it if a lot more out of puff after the event - we live on a hill!
  2. ocean's Avatar
    Enjoy your time before the babe arrives! Commutes can be the hardest when really pregnant. I loved taking walks with just me and my little guy, in those last days before he arrived in person!!
  3. aidansmum's Avatar
    Your little Jamie is gorgeous bunny! x
  4. bunnywabbit's Avatar
    Thanks, crazylady. I can completely understand you needing a break. Missing you and hoping you're well. x
  5. crazyladyneedsababy's Avatar
    hey hun, sorry ive been awol for so long. I just had to break away for a while. Im still not ttc but wanted to check up on everyone. huge congratulations on your little boy xxx
  6. aidansmum's Avatar
    It sounds like this little one will keep you very busy indeed bunny. :)
  7. aidansmum's Avatar
    That's great news bunny! Good to hear all is well. :)
  8. aidansmum's Avatar
    I've been pretty similar when it comes to sweets. I'm completely put off by sweets at the moment and I always had a pastry or cookies with coffee in the afternoon. No more. I have some nuts, or olive and feta dip instead. What a change! Funny little beans causing havoc hey :)
  9. bunnywabbit's Avatar
    Thanks. I'm ok, really, just no previous point of reference as is my first child. Thinking my main concern is keeping my diet in check really, which isn't going too badly - LO is making sure of that! Having to second guess most things I eat at the moment; I don't have m/s or really any nausea, but if I eat anything I'm not too sure about or anything really sweet/fried/oily, baby is NOT happy. Even ice cream is a bit of a gamble. Huge change for me as I have a sweet tooth normally - cakes, chocolate, cookies, you name it, I'd eat it! Finding I'm actually eating for up to one person - I don't sit and eat, for example, a starter, main and dessert, but will have small amounts of things and move on. Am definitely eating enough, but somewhat picking in comparison to my usual eating habits and eating a little more often rather than the three-planned-meal approach.
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  10. aidansmum's Avatar
    It can be all a bit daunting at first but all will be fine, try not to worry too much!
  11. missmegrn's Avatar
    Congrats! I am happy that you finally have a sticky bean. H & H 9 months!
  12. bunnywabbit's Avatar
    Do you mean blood tests? I don't think they do them as routine in the UK unless really concerned. I was told the heartbeat looked great so don't currently have anything to worry about. Just looking forward to the 12 week scan and hoping s/he sticks for the duration. I'm not sure when nausea and m/s is supposed to ease up. Mine has eased a tiny bit today so fx I've just lucked out and all is well. x
  13. Butterfly Spirit's Avatar
    Fabulous! did you go get a beta done just for a reassurance that all is well? I hope that you stay the same and don't get worse. Morning sickness is no fun at all!
    Thank you so much! She is so much fun!!
  14. aidansmum's Avatar
    I am so glad to hear that bunny! Congrats! x
  15. bunnywabbit's Avatar
    Thanks Butterfly! Not feeling too bad at all. Thought the m/s would be a lot worse than it is. Haven't been sick so far just on and off waves of nausea. Eased up today although could kick off again tomorrow, who knows! I'm used to fatigue, so isn't really bothering me as such. Just hoping baby stays put!

    Your little Miss is adorable! I hope you and yours are well :happy:
  16. Butterfly Spirit's Avatar
    Definite dark BFP! Congrats! How are you feeling?
  17. Ribenaberry's Avatar
    I have always had to go into maternity clothes early, dd1 was 8 weeks and should have been sooner, dd2 was 5 weeks and this time it was the day after I got my bfp!! So dont suffer, get some stretchy trousers, you'll feel tons better.

    As for the ankles, id maybe get that checked as it is probably totally normal for some ladies, but it could be something that just needs an eye kept on it :)

  18. aidansmum's Avatar
    I puff up a bit too from the very beginning, enough for people to start asking me if I'm pregnant, but not enough to make my ankles swell up that much, I think a visit to your Obgyn should be considered? I'm sure it's just a bit of water retention, but for peace of mind I would have it checked anyway.
  19. bunnywabbit's Avatar
    Thank you so much, crazy! You ran in my thoughts and was going to PM you but didn't know if you were checking your messages but I check in every so often to see if you're back. Hoping things are resolving for you. Missed you... x
  20. crazyladyneedsababy's Avatar
    hey mrs, just saw this, im so pleased for you, huge congratulations and praying this one sticks xxx
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