1. BFP WOW!!!!!

    Well I suppose it is time to announce on my blog that I am PREGNANT!!!!! :bigsmile::

    Still can't quite believe it.

    I want to be able to write something interesting and worth reading but at the moment my brain has turned to mash potato!

    I am scared and praying that my little jelly bean will stick! Will feel much better once my AF due date has been and gone.

    So yes, WOW I'm going to have my fourth child! Scary but fantastic! :bigsmile:
  2. The deed has been done!

    I havnt been adding to this blog recently. Mainly because I didn't want to stress myself out thinking over and over about the details of my sway. The deed has been done now so I suppose an update would not do any harm.

    Today I am 4DPO. I am feeling a bit down as My best friend has made it clear today that she thinks I will have another boy. Up until today I have been feeling really good about the prospect of another boy but now I feel like I have to have a girl just to prove her ...
  3. The Sway will commence when AF arrives!

    I posted this in the forum but have copied it for my records. DH and I have decided that we cannot wait any longer and that we will be starting 'Operation Pink Bundle' as soon as AF arrives. EXCITING!!

    Please evaluate my sway
    Ok here it goes. I have been on the diet for over eight weeks now and after a bad day Sunday I feel I need to start TTC otherwise I might slip off the bandwagon. Apart from the Sunday I have been very strict on the diet I have lost nearly a stone ...