Getting cold feet

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Call me crazy but the nearer I get to my sway the more I wonder to myself whether I am truely ready! Not ready for another child but ready to sway, ready to have all my future dreams shattered if I do get a fourth boy.

At the moment I have my hope and my dreams that a DD may be on the horizon. To be PG with a boy will put an end to that dream.

I'm not sure I'm ready to mourn the daughter I will never have. At least at the moment I have her in my dreams.


  1. shouldihope?'s Avatar
    Feeling the same way.
  2. Juniebjones's Avatar
    I was there on Monday and decided that I am not really ready. I think for me, it is I am not ready for another child. I feel a little overwhelmed right now.

    If I am not preggo's from my husband midnight call late last Sunday night (I ovulated really late this month sometime between Wednesday and Friday Morning Day 23-25.( I usually ovulate day 16-17) then I am taking a break until next year. I stoped all girl supplements on Friday and I started back up on my wholefood vitamins and krill oil. I have had a lot of crampy, CM, headaches, and I am moody (cried on Monday when my husband was making a joke at dinner). It could just be coming off all the vitex and saw palmetto and a messed up cycle though. I hope. Just take it day by day and listen to your gut:).