A naughty weekend

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I've had a terrible weekend as far as swaying is concerned.

On Saturday I had some friends round in the evening. I wanted to drink wine but I managed somehow (despite all of my mates bringing a bottle) to stay strong and stick to vodka and cranberry juice. Roll on a few hours and a lot of vodka and cranberry juice later I was not so strong to say no to the massive pizza they ordered. Oooops.

The next morning I was a little worse for wear and DH persuaded me that breakfast would make me feel a little better so I had breakfast. Oooops.

That afternoon we went round mums and I just couldn't say no to a home cooked roast dinner! Mega oooops.

So I'm feeling guilty today. I seriously need to step up my game!

On a positive note despite the weekends little antics I still have managed to loose weight this week! :-)