The Sway will commence when AF arrives!

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I posted this in the forum but have copied it for my records. DH and I have decided that we cannot wait any longer and that we will be starting 'Operation Pink Bundle' as soon as AF arrives. EXCITING!!

Please evaluate my sway
Ok here it goes. I have been on the diet for over eight weeks now and after a bad day Sunday I feel I need to start TTC otherwise I might slip off the bandwagon. Apart from the Sunday I have been very strict on the diet I have lost nearly a stone which is excellent for me as I am a small girl!

So here is is: feel free to give me feedback positive or negative!

As I said I have been on the diet eight weeks.
I have been taking Cal, Mag, Cranberry, B6 (for luteal phase defect) and Folic acid. Up until ovulation I have been taking Vitex but won't take any more as I start clomid CD3.

I am on Clomid as I do not allways ovulate on my own and I have an LP defect. I take antihistamine for allergies but might stop it around ovulation as that and the Clomid might be overkill.

DH has been taking Cal, Mag, cranberry and Licorice root. He has had the same diet as me (low everything diet with a tad of French gender thrown in).

I will be bedding everyday through ovulation (I feel this is best as I only have three rounds of clomid). Me and DH will have a hot shower every night before DTD. No big O for me lol. I will use a finger of Sylk for lube with every bedding no refresh, replens etc or douche as I'm sure you will understand I need to conceive ASAP.

I will spend lots of days in the sun and have some Neg ion stuff around the house (even though i am sceptical) lavender oil, Neg ion pendant and bracelet, anion sanitary pads etc.

Just for luck I have a little pair of pink booties under the bed and had a 'conceive a girl' fertility spell cast.

I have been exercising an hour six days a week (trust me I m dying from it ha)