angel-pink is starting to adjust to pink living

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I have always been a blue momma food= meat veg bread and eggs and loads of dairy drink= tea fruit juice and plain old water (bottled) , exercise = moderate .
ex hub was a gym freak muscle bound eggs chicken fish was the diet and all the protein shakes he could manage (he was un willing to sway)

I was convinced each time I had a boy that to have the best chance at healthy babies I had to eat healthy and moderately exercise and each time took my multi vitamins as the Dr ordered each time I wanted a girl and got a boy and since I've been a member here I can fully see why I had 5 boys and not a little girl .....

I joined here and stopped my pill and studidly did the low everything diet but didn't get the memo on it having to be 1500-1800 calories whilst I was trailing quickly through the list and I'm not joking basically starved for a few weeks skipping breakfast going cold turkey from my 20 plus cups of tea then skipping lunch and eating rice cauliflower and a sprig of broccoli every day (yes it tasted like it sounds bland and shit) . I GOT HUNGER PAINS, at the time thinking great its working sugars are low . thankfully I became pregnant within the first month not actually having a real period after my cycle I tested just before 4 weeks and was shocked it was bfp and bang straight away downed the food again started and I'm not going to lie I needed it, at 6 weeks I started getting migraines that was so bad I couldn't get out my bed convinced it was all worth it as I WAS GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE GIRL. I was sick up until 9weeks I went for a scan at 12 weeks and sadly the baby had died at 8 weeks, looking back I can see why I did so many things wrong its un real I really didn't understand the LE DIET defo didn't do it right and now i'm haunted my memories of an angel that could of been.....

After I mc it brought me back down to reality and I ached for a baby only this time I really didn't care what it was and then had my last baby boy who now is 18 months old time does go very quickly.

myself and my hubby split up after the mc we tried on and off for a year but split again whilst i was pregnant with our last one so I was going it alone super momma style.

I met my partner last year and he has 3 girls and pretty much pink lives drank a lot but stopped when he met me told him wine wont hurt so its our duty to drink it :-) he skips breakfast and mainly eats rice and pasta dishes but he does love his chicken and kfc also he drinks diet coke by the bucket eww .Anyway we've been talking and decided we really want a baby together one we don't have to share with anyone except each other, I was surprised to hear he actually wants a girl although doesn't care if its a boy (so i feel no pressure).

we agreed to sway to give us the best chance of having a girl but are both fully aware that no matter how good the sway it may not happen but at least we tried "better to try than wish we had",sooo this brings me onto my pink living .

so far the last week I've became a dream member and purchased a ttc pink bundle so get the correct info I've stopped eating breakfast but still eat normal food for lunch and tea until my plan comes and i know what to eat I've drank 2 glasses of wine a night and drink peppermint tea in the day but have 2 cups of coffee laced with sweetener in the morning I have started folic acid 1200mcg I've brought a rower to go full pelt on the exercise front but wanted to see what atomic said before I start working out for an hour plus, I've ordered ovulation test strips and ph test strips and this time if i should be lucky enough to get a bfp i already know vitamins will be added first and food introduced slowly and i'll take walks outside for migraines not get in my bed.

I feel a lot less pressure and stress this time around INFACT IM ACTUALLY EXCITED about the journey we are about to take together ..... ill keep updating here how my journey is going as I feel the need to talk about it and after 8 kids between us 5 of which are mine my friends outside of here all think i'm mental and are getting bored of baby talk now so i'm gonna blog away please feel free to lurk and reply xx come on :pinksperm: and give me a :DD:


  1. txmomof3beautifulboys's Avatar
    Good Luck To You!!
  2. angel-pink's Avatar
    well today I started my plan and its gone great im waiting for my fiber to arrive but im going ok im doing pcos ttc pink plan see how I go
  3. angel-pink's Avatar
    lost 4lb in 5 days so girl ttc is good for me lol I have a lot to lose
  4. foxymrsg's Avatar
    Good luck!
  5. angel-pink's Avatar
    thanks ladies im off the rower and took the hour plus walking option im going to attempt in January to give me time for diet to take effect.
  6. EarthMama's Avatar
    Hey...I really don't think you should blame yourself for the miscarriage. It sounds like you were being extreme about the diet but truthfully there is a lot of "testing of systems" at 8 weeks for the baby and this has to do mostly with genetics at this time, not your diet. I had a missed MC at 8 weeks (didn't find out until 11 weeks) and after ages of research (because I was following an extremely healthy diet at the time) I realized it wasn't my fault and that these things just happen and it's usually because something wasn't right with the baby's DNA. So please don't blame yourself or think you did anything to cause it! Good luck with your next sway and pregnancy! Think positive and remember to stay relaxed. :-) What I love about the girl sway is that it embraces hard exercise, which is what I like too.
  7. angel-pink's Avatar
    thanks earthmama I know in my heart the was prob something wrong, but feel what I did never helped at all I just wanted a girl so badly back then. im not looking forward to the walking in the cold weather hopefully get pregnant in January as I may then have to go on my wii and jog lol