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Hi Ladies,

Just want to share my experience which might help me feel better. I just got back from my first cycle with Dr Potter. It was not successful we only ended up with 2 eggs in the end and 1 embryo that only made it to day 4.

We won't be going through all that again as I don't feel I am strong enough to go through the physical & emotional pain again. Financially we can't afford it either.

If anyone needs meds I have a few things I am looking to sell for much less just private message me.

I really thought is would work why did I have so little eggs so strange?
I feel so blessed to have two boys & my heart truly goes out to any couple going through fertility issues.
If anyone needs any help or advise who is looking at
Doing PGD feel free to message me would love to help. Xx


  1. nuthinbutpink's Avatar
    I am sorry it did not work out for you. You will get a better response in the forum instead of posting a blog. How old are you and what was your pretesting like? Do you have DOR?
  2. Kittybear's Avatar
    Hi Hun, I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you :( as NBP asked how was your pretesting and how old are you?

    I hope that you can find peace in your heart in this new year xxx
  3. Angela's Avatar
    Thank you ladies I will try working out to post on forums I'm not very good at this. I just turned 35 my pre testing was all good. Fell preggers no problems.

    The first scan I had before going over to USA my follicles measured being very small so my meds had to be upped immediately. I just think if I had have had a scan earlier and they would have known earlier and maybe even cancelled cycle knowing all this before hand. I don't think they did the right thing on their end. I'm a little annoyed to be honest but it's to late now. I just don't get 2 eggs being present I really don't. He knew from the minute he did my first ultrasound in us that thing were not were they. Should have been. They just presume you are made of money and will go back at the drop of a hat. I get that it's all scientific but this could have gone differently there was enough indication their maybe it's my fault I should have cancelled it seeing those results of first ultrasound.

    Thanks for listening ladies xx
  4. Kittybear's Avatar
    Are you in the UK Hun? Did you have monitoring done here and the results fed back to dr p? I'm so sorry it went so wrong, it sounds like either you were over suppressed to begin with or the meds dose wasn't high enough and wasn't increased early enough to have a great effect. Unfortunately 'normal' pretesting doesn't guarantee 'normal' results as all our bodies are different and so respond differently to the meds. Is there any chance of cycling again? So sorry :( xx
  5. nuthinbutpink's Avatar
    What were your pretesting numbers? AFC, FSH, AMH? With 2 eggs, I wonder what your actual numbers were before you cycled.

    Also, did you monitor at home at all or do the whole cycle at HRC? What day was your first scan?
  6. Angela's Avatar
    Hi Ladies,

    Im in Perth Western Australia Kittybear. I had all testing scan bloodwork started here. This state is very strict about PGD and so I did all through my GP and went for scans/ultrasounds the dates Dr Potters Nurse requested me to. Unfortunately it was to late.

    Nuthinbutpink my AMH results was 12.7 FSH was 7.

    When I had Pelvic Scan to check ovarian Reserve there were 8 follicles on right ovary and 11 on left. This was when I did all pretesting.

    Why was I never told if my chances were thought to be low. I would never have risked it. We didn't have this as spare money. At least having an embryo to go back to would have been better than this. I went to America on purpose as I thought they were a lot more advanced and they wouldn't let this obvious slip by them....

    I started medication 10units of Lupron on 20 November my first scan I was told to have before leaving for UK was 25 November that showed all ok. Sent results to dr Potter that day.

    The 30th Nov I started decreased Lupron to 5 units and started
    75iu and Gonal F 200 iu . Next ultrasound was 3dec that's when they noticed follicles were to smallso dr potter increased Gonal. f to 350 and Menopur to 150. Missed scan on 5 Dec they told me it would make no difference.

    Next scan was in US on 8 showed nothing on right ovary and maybe 4-6 on Left. Kept on same meds and delayed egg retrieval to Thursday instead of Weds.
  7. Kittybear's Avatar
    I don't know enough about the meds / doses to comment on that but given your pretesting it sound a bit 'anomalous' so my (uneducated) guess would be that either you were initially over suppressed on the BCP or you are just a poor responder to the meds. NBP is the expert though.

    So sorry again.x
  8. LacePrincess's Avatar
    Angela, if you'd like to post in the forums here are the links:

    I'm assuming you're not a paid member so here's the public forum - High Tech Family Balancing non-Member Forum

    And if you do decide to join the forum as a paid member, most activity is in the private forums -

    I'm very similar to you. I'm also 35, and recently cycled at HRC with good pretesting and poor ivf result. My pretesting was:

    AMH - 11.71 in Aus units (so, yours was actually better)
    AFC - 21
    FSH - 4 (so my FSH was better compared to yours)

    I had high hopes but ended up with only 6 retrieved, 4 mature. 3 of those fertilized and all 3 made it to to day 5 PGD testing, and two of those were abnormal. So in the end I only had one left. Better than zero but still, very disappointing indeed.

    They figured for me that I was oversuppressed essentially on the long Lupron protocol, which is the same protocol you were on. If I did another cycle they would change me to microdose Lupron. I suspect highly that something similar happened to you, as you had an excellent AFC but then no follies during stims.

    Anyways, have you had your followup appt yet? I'm curious what they tell you. Feel free to PM if you want to chat, or I really encourage you to post on the forums I linked as you'll get far more traffic there.
  9. itstime's Avatar
    I am sorry about your outcome - I can't imagine how devastated you must be feeling.

    I too was oversupressed. Had excellent results at genesis in Cyprus prior to this, thought HRC will give me what I was looking for but everything went wrong with that cycle. I responded poorly to the meds - the dosages were increased, lining wasn't good (needed medication for that as well) and ended with a No Transfer. It was heartbreaking! I know lots of ladies get good results from HRC but it's not for everyone :(
  10. coralsky's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear of your failed cycle, I know how much it hurts :(

    It does sound v similar to Lace's results. Huge (((hugs))) to you xxx
  11. nuthinbutpink's Avatar
    I think a first cycle is just a best guess by the doctor when it comes to protocol. If you are one of the unfortunate people that doesn't have an expected or typical response, things can go south quickly. I wish you would have posted with us and we could have advised you to cancel. Going into ER with 1-2 mature eggs would not be my first choice for a member.

    itstime- did you get pregnant at Genesis? If the results were "excellent" why did you switch clinics?
  12. rubyroo83's Avatar
    I'm sorry Hun, must be hard for you
    The first cycle is really more of a trial run I've heard. We've budgeted for 2 cycles of IVF and 2 trips (2nd trip just me). Ive heard so many women say don't expect the first cycle to be a success.
    Of course we all hope it will be !