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I have been thinking about this a lot, ever since I found my sway was successful and I am going to have my daughter.

I have always had 4 kids in the back of my mind as a proability. Then, when I found out this baby was a girl, the idea popped in my head: "Well...maybe I can give her a sister in a few years..."

I have two sisters. They are 12 and 10 years older than me. We did not do any activity than normal sisters do together, rather they were more like mother hens to me. When I was young, and they were already in their high teens and early twenties, they were always correcting me. "Oh, don't say that, that's not polite" or "use your manners." I remember playing some tricks on my 2nd sister, who is very prim and proper, and I thought it was hilarious. She always got so mad and said for me to behave more "ladylike."

But I wasn't ladylike because my closest in age sibling was my brother, who is still a whooping 7 years older than me. We had that kind of fun sibling bond, playing all the time, where it'd sometimes be us versus our parents, unlike our older sisters who treated us both as if THEY were our parents!

My very oldest sister, who is the reason I am here, always reminds me of that. She always says, "I asked for you to be born...." as if I should bow down and love her more.

I do love both my sisters, but it's in the proper way you love your family--it's automatic, they are a part of who you are, but you don't neccessarily enjoy their company. My oldest sister used to always tell me, "Virgina, one day you'll see. One day you'll get it."

I never quite understood what she meant, and being that I'm 34 years old now, a grown woman with soon to be 3 kids, I still don't get it. What will I see? The error of what?

When I was a teenager, and my best friend and I would sneak Zimas from her brother's mini fridge, I would once in a while come home a bit tipsy. My friend's mom would drop me off, so I wasn't driving or anything....but that one night, I stumbled on the stair and my oldest sister had a fit, she told our Mom to ban my friendship, because it was bad, etc etc, I really wished she was still away at college, and she'd stop meddling! That was all it ever felt like to the two sisters meddled and pointed out things to my mom that I'd rather her not see, lol.

I guess that means they loved me, and were trying to protect me. My oldest still says to me, "You should call me more often, we should get together, etc."

But the same problem always exists: even in adulthood, she tries to treat me like a child, and I just don't have time for that in my life. Maybe that's selfish of me. Maybe I should be so grateful I have two sisters, but instead I find myself grateful for my brother all the time, who I talk to quite a bit still.

His wife and him are throwing me a baby sprinkle for this baby, because I guess we've always been close like that. He also gave me a little sprinkle for DS2 even though I didn't want one because he thought each baby should be celebrated and he was excited for me, that DS1 was going to have a brother. It was very sweet and thoughtful of him.

So sisters? I don't know; I don't know if that's what Lillian would need, I guess I'll just have to see if there is money one day for a 4th and let God decide who my 4th child will be, girl or boy.

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  1. ThreeMenAndALAdy's Avatar
    Well said.
  2. nuthinbutpink's Avatar
    I think family is family and I think it isn't a necessity to have a sibling period. I think that it could be cool to be the only boy or only girl too and get the attention and no competition. I talk with my mom more that I do my sister.
  3. mydream's Avatar
    This is just my opinion but ... I would rather have big brothers any day of the week instead of a sister... But mayb that's because I have a sister and we don't get along at all. We are 2 totally different people with littleto nothing in common. I always longed for brothers !
  4. auroara78's Avatar
    Yeah, I would have rather had had more brothers! I know how wrong that may sound though!