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  1. Two weeks until Lillian's born...

    It is two weeks until baby Lillian will be born via a scheduled c-section on Sept. 12th around 2 pm.

    I cannot believe my odyessy of having a daughter is finally coming full circle. I have dreamt of my little girl(s) since I was a little girl myself. I had a strong intution when I was a girl that I would have daughter(s). I never saw my sons in my future, but of course, I am so glad they found their way to me.

    Part of my saga with wanting a girl has to deal with my ...
  2. Sisters

    I have been thinking about this a lot, ever since I found my sway was successful and I am going to have my daughter.

    I have always had 4 kids in the back of my mind as a proability. Then, when I found out this baby was a girl, the idea popped in my head: "Well...maybe I can give her a sister in a few years..."

    I have two sisters. They are 12 and 10 years older than me. We did not do any activity than normal sisters do together, rather they were more like ...

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  3. Money

    Money doesn't make you happy.

    Money cannot buy love.

    But maybe it can buy peace of mind?

    Money is one of those things you cannot quite live without, yet we are told we shouldn't be obsessed about having it.

    Well, I am obsessed about NOT having it.

    When the stay at home Dad experiment began, I had created a niffy little spreadsheet that showed how much money without my husband's pay check we'd have every month, after bills. ...
  4. Random thoughts...

    My DS2 is a lovable terror.

    He doesn't even have a normal, happy smile.

    He grins, raising his left side more than the right, with an impish twinkle to his very pale blue eyes.

    I often find myself looking at him, wondering how he got here, how he got to be who he is. He is so different from my DS1, who was such a calm, easy-going baby.

    I often find myself getting very frustrated with him when he insists on getting into trouble. Sometimes, ...