How many cycles ?

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Hi, I have completed 4 cycles with no embryos for testing. I always get approx 12-14 eggs with approx 4-5 fertilising. They however struggle to get past day 3.
I am looking for any stories of people who have had to go through multiple cycles to get success. I am cycling in Australia and have had approval fro sex selection due to a genetic condition. I am 38 and cycling at a very good clinic. I am just wondering if my luck is up. I can think of nothing else at the moment.
Appreciate any advise


  1. adnilleinad's Avatar
    If the lab is as good as you say it is, I'd ask the embryologist. And your dr. Something is up with your quality then. If lab is good. EIther they were all cromosonally not healthy or they have other quality issues. Cromosones you cannot change, but for example low carb diet for good quality is advised by dr Potter. I had lots of non healthy embryos to testing n day 5, my worse cycle was 8 out of 9 non healthy,... So should be other issues aswell.