IVF journey

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Hello ladies...I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids, and have 2 angels...Been ttc for 3 years...Gettting ready to start an IVF journey that I feel so great about! Would like to talk any ladies that have went through IVF and were successful! Also have questions regarding the meds I will be taking...Hope to talk to some ladies!


  1. alreadyneedivf's Avatar
    hi! I did ivf--feel free to ask me any questions--I was sooo nervous to do iVF--I hate needles--but i have to say it really wasn't bad at all! I wish you all the luck!
  2. PinkAngel's Avatar
    Hello! As you saw, I am towards my end of cycle. The meds are not too bad. You will hardly feel the injections. Stay positive and best of luck to you :) I will keep you posted about mine too :)