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I have just been hit like a ton of bricks. I GET IT! I know why now I conceived and even miscarried. I'm in shock, and I could kick myself in the ass for not knowing the connection between Vitex and my thyroid.
OMG... I must share.
So last night when I was laying in bed I remembered how Vitex can affect the pituitary gland.. and I thought WAIT a minute... that's connected to the thyroid! So I hopped online this afternoon and I found the connection

At Home Remedy for Hypothyroidism | eHow.com

Vitex was able to balance my progesterone, and therefore give my thyroid enough of a kick so I could conceive!!!
So when I stopped taking it..

My thyroid CRASHED!
Holy crap. If I would have kept taking it I probably could have saved my little one.

So now, I don't know what the hell to do..
My doc put me on 100 micrograms of levothyroxine
and now I'm taking Vitex to get my cycle going..

I'm terrified that I've started something that isn't good once again..

I might need to go see an endocrinologist for answers.
If I conceive I might just stay on the Vitex until it's safe to come off of it. Yikes!