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Blogs about using IVF and IUI for Gender Selection purposes.

  1. Cycled at HRC

    Hi Ladies,

    Just want to share my experience which might help me feel better. I just got back from my first cycle with Dr Potter. It was not successful we only ended up with 2 eggs in the end and 1 embryo that only made it to day 4.

    We won't be going through all that again as I don't feel I am strong enough to go through the physical & emotional pain again. Financially we can't afford it either.

    If anyone needs meds I have a few things I am looking ...
  2. Perth girls where to get meds

    Hi girls!

    I'm a bit confused... I've been written up a script by dr p for my meds but how do I actually get them. Do I have to take this to a fertility clinic and get a script written up that the pharmacies will accept? Or will my gp do this?

    Thanks in advance!!
  3. need help please xxx

    morning ladies,,in desperation for some answers as my head is spining trying to find out the basic things for pgd through all the forums.
    im awaiting the cost for pgd/ivf/sort sperming through genesis as i can only see last years price through the forums so if anyone knows what they are id be gratefull. also we will be in the position money wise in february so when do i contact genesis wondering if you pay upfront or when your over there, im on the pill now so do i come off it ready, and ...
  4. April 2019

    That's a date to remember. For me, at least. Or rather for my family. That's the start of mission code name pink. Although technically I guess that mission started a long time ago.

    To give a bit of background about us and our situation we have two beautiful sons, who are our absolute world. We only ever wanted one child and I didn't have a preference at the time we created our son. A healthy baby seemed more than we deserved at that time! When we saw that little baby shape on the ...
  5. Ht gs how many attempts did it take to get pregnant??

    Ok, so I'm a bit worried now. Hubby and I have just decided to got to hrc in August for gs but reading some more posts it's scared me off a bit. For all that have done ht gs how many times did you have to cycle before getting pregnant? I understand it doesn't matter if your fertile or not but I've seen that there are some lady's that have done a few attempts with no outcome. Has anyone got pregnant on their first or second cycle? If I went over for 5 weeks and it didn't take the first cycle, would ...
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