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  1. New to sight looking for advice:)

    Hello ladies

    I am new here and looking for any help I can get! I have two boys 4 and 2 and my hubby and I are going to be trying for our third and last in late summer/ fall! We are really wanting to sway for a girl:) no one understands how much I long for a girl! My hubby says we have a 50/50 chance! I would love a boy or girl but I know I would always feel a void if I don't have a girl of my own:( where do I start I've been looking and there is so much to look at? For those of you ...
  2. My news is out!

    I did it. I told everyone I'm pregnant and that she's my long awaited DD! It took some serious bravery to do it, since I have friends with all boys who I was afraid of hurting and others I was afraid might feel betrayed for not having been told before now, but it's done now.... and I had some real surprises.

    My friend who is pregnant with her DS2 was surprisingly happy for me and congratulatory. She gushed to me about how happy I must be and we got to share about our pregnancies. ...
  3. Survivor's guilt

    I feel bad. I have a friend's baby shower this Sunday. She's having DS2 and was devastated because they're stopping at 2 and her daughter dream is over. I TRIED to steer her here, but she stubbornly refused to believe that diet had anything to do with it since her sister had both genders "without trying or changing anything." Her sister got pregnant right after the wedding, when she was dieting ad exercising like crazy to get into her dress, and had her DD. She got her DS a couple ...
  4. The Waiting Game

    I had my Panorama draw today. I was really expecting just to walk in, have blood drawn, be given a pamphlet about genetic cell-free fetal DNA testing, and go home. Nope, I had an extensive ultrasound, a 30 minute chat with the genetic counselor, and then the most horrific blood draw of my life.

    I am a fainter. I hate needles, and I absolutely have to look away when my blood's being taken. I usually have to lie down, but I was okay the last time, so I thought maybe I'd be okay ...
  5. Ultrasound done, new levels of panic have set in.

    I just came back from my ultrasound appointment. It took forever, and they took 7 vials of blood for testing, but not my Panorama yet. That's happening Monday.

    Soooo, there's only one in there. That's good, since I was worried about the possibility of twins. There's a heartbeat and everything looks good.

    That's the end of the good news. That was the worst quality ultrasound I've ever had and it just looked like a blob. I've gained 7 lbs since my BFP, which has ...
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