Swaying for a Girl

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  1. My Pink Spell

    I am a Wiccan preistess. I've been Wiccan since I was 19 and have researched the religion and spellwork most of that time. So much goes into spellcraft, (time, energy, effort, planning, visualization, timing with astrology and invoking the most complementary deities,) that it always made sense to me why I've gotten everything I've ever done a spell for... except a daughter.

    I've done spells for a daughter before. They (obviously) didn't work. This made no sense to me because ...
  2. DH is taking creatine and I'm freaking out!

    I am so nervous and worried, and I NEED to quiet my inner Martha who just wants to compensate for DH sabotaging my sway! He started creatine supplements this week to help with his Olympic-style weightlifting goals. He takes protein powder, works out hard lifting weights 5 days a week with almost NO cardio, and eats meat or eggs with every meal.

    I know that pushing him to alter anything might mean ending my sway and my possibility for a third child he doesn't want. I know better ...
  3. Break from my Gender Disappointment!

    I have wanted a daughter from pregnancy #1. I was okay with the first being a boy because I know there are certain advantages to being a firstborn that might cancel out some of the disadvantages (developmentally, not socially) of being male. I also knew I wanted one of each, so there was a second chance. DH wanted two, for sure.

    I tried Shettles for a year, while crossfitting, eating paleo, and continuing my very boy-friendly lifestyle. Looking back now, it's obvious why I got ...
  4. Overtraining, and the weight loss plateau has been broken!

    This must be what overtraining feels like. I am sore and exhausted. Not the kind of sore and exhausted I was before when working out actually made me feel healthy, this is a tired to the bone and soreness that doesn't go away. Today I even broke out into a cold sweat on the treadmill after the first 20 minutes. I've worked out everyday except for 4 days between January 31st and today, an hour of cardio each time.

    So hopefully this is working! I would LOVE the super quick weight ...
  5. I'm keeping my pregnancy a secret until I'm 25 weeks

    I can't deal with the comments I am going to get about this pregnancy so I am going to keep it quiet for as long as I can. I know my mom will instantly start saying "this one better be a girl, I want a flower girl so I can renew my vows to your dad." As if me having a girl would be the only good reason for her to renew her vows.
    DH's family just hates the fact that we have had any kids (they hate me and act as if our children are the spawn of the devil). We obviously don't have ...
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