My Boy Sway Starting December 2011

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Elevit with iodine
Fish oil - 1000mg
EPO - 1g, 10%gamma-Linolenic acid
Flaxseed oil - 1000mg
Vit D3 - 1000IU
Folic acid - 2000mcg
Brewers yeast - 500mg
Wheatgrass - 500mg
AF - O - Ural - Sodium bicarbonate 1.76g, Tartaric acid 890mg,Citric acid anhydrous 720mg, Sodium citrate anhydrous 630mg

DP - Menevit, L-Arg, Protien shakes


Lemon water, V8, Green tea, 1 Coffee per day


Computer lots every day
Burning Pine and Frankencense Insence sticks


Eggs on toast, Oat musli, Full fat milk
Bannana, Nuts, Musli bars
Tuna on crackers, Vegimite toast, Peanut butter toast
Dried apricots, dates, prunes
Potato chips, dark chocolate
Steak/Lamb/Saussages/Chicken with Salad
Hymilayan Salt on everything


Normally i have lots however ph is low


Have a little blue singlet under our matress


I think we will dtd every second day from af, then abstain for 3 days and try to get as close to O as possible, missionary style. DP will have a strong coffee 1 hour before attempt.


  1. Cinss's Avatar
    Things i will change from the original for our second month TTC -

    I have dropped EPO from supps. DP has dropped the L-Arg. No more green tea.

    Timing - Will be DTD every second day from AF to 10dpo, Rear entry position.

    Also will be using a little bit of pre seed at every attempt.

    Eating less junky foods also to stop putting on weight so quickly.
  2. Cinss's Avatar
    5th month trying - Have dropped everything except for -

    Fish oil - 1000mg
    Folic acid - 2000mcg
    Vit D3 - 1000IU

    Drinking juice and water only, struggeling with the diet, i really only eat when i get hungry these days - boy friendly foods, probably not as often as i should.

    DTD once daily in the fertile window.