New to sight looking for advice:)

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Hello ladies

I am new here and looking for any help I can get! I have two boys 4 and 2 and my hubby and I are going to be trying for our third and last in late summer/ fall! We are really wanting to sway for a girl:) no one understands how much I long for a girl! My hubby says we have a 50/50 chance! I would love a boy or girl but I know I would always feel a void if I don't have a girl of my own:( where do I start I've been looking and there is so much to look at? For those of you that got an individualized plan what were your outcomes? Did you get your gender? Trying to decide if I should get a plan? I've very stressed w all this abd worry that a diet plan will be hard for me! I've never watched my food as I am very small! Any pinters please:)


  1. nuthinbutpink's Avatar
    Hi there. Your odds are never 50/50- Gender determination is not a coin toss. It is more like a roll of the dice. We have the Personalized Plan service where we draft your swaying plan and then provide a personal advice coach. Click on the big banner at the top of the forum for more info.
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    Welcome :). Defiantly get a personalised plan if you can. It takes all the guess work out of it and Atomic has been really helpful answering all my questions. I'm just on my first month TTC. I'm small too and what I would say is just start out gently on the diet with higher cals and keep track of your weight so you don't loose anything. The diet is not hard once you get used to it and you don't have to loose weight. All the best with your sway xx
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    Thanks all:)
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    Hi! I don't have much advice because I'm new here too! Same boat as you though-we have two boys- 4 years old and a 9 month old. I'm not looking to start trying until the fall/winter but I'm starting early on my research because we so desperately want a girl! I'm going to buy the plan in September when we are closer to trying.
    Also looking for feedback from people who have done the plan and succeeded.
    Good luck to you!!! I'll be following your posts :)